Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I don't know if you know this, but we're kind of a BIG deal. We, meaning the RAT FINKS. As in, we are the champions. As in #1. As in the BEST. We're not only the best, but the best lookin' too.

Let me give you a little background on the Rat Finks. 

The definition of a Rat Fink according to Free Dictionary.com is as follows:  A person regarded as contemptible, obnoxious, or otherwise undesirable. 

Get the picture?

Bazooka got her shorts ripped clean off
Well the Finks had a less than mediocre regular season, with a record of  2 and 3. Going into the single elimination playoffs, we were the finky underdogs. When we would come rolling in, in all of our undesirable glory, the opposing team often turned their noses up at us. We looked like a bunch of hot misfits all thrown together to form a football team. 

The single-elimination, 31 team tourney began. 

Game 1: WIN in the final seconds after the moronic refs called back 2 TD's on bogus calls. Suck on that, refs!
Game 2: WIN in double overtime against a team who had previously beaten us. 
Game 3: WIN against some overly large gals to secure a bid to the semis
Game 4: WIN in snowy, icy, freezing conditions against a team who might have considered us to be "obnoxious"... hello, we're the Rat Finks. Dur dur dur dur

Game 5 CHAMPIONSHIP: The heavily favored Dynamite looked rather confident going in. Well, after we intercepted them on their first 2 possessions, they started to look worried. Our defense was solid and made some super bitchin' flag pulls on the QB. Kellie scraped her way in and pulled the QB's flag for a big loss. SB was right by her side shouting, "GOTCHA!" Nice SB, classy. That's exactly how the Finks roll. Beck and Keelia, aka B-Loaf & Bazooka each caught touchdown passes. Atta girls! Whitney had 2 interceptions. Kel (The Ice Box), Beck, Michelle (Baby Hands), Britt (Critter), SB (Naughty), Rebekah and Ally (Sticky) blitzed their little hearts out. Everybody stepped up and blocked, which The Shred greatly appreciated, although we really missed our toughest gal Cobra (Marian), who unfortunately had to work. Our defense definitely won us the game. The other team was getting so frustrated that they were yelling at each other all game. After the game, the girl who had been doing the most yelling made her grand exit by shouting the "F Bomb" and storming off the field. C-L-A-S-S-Y. 

We'd like to give a special shout out to our ever-devoted and beloved fans. Without y'all, the Rat Finks never would have been Champions. 

The biggest thanks to our SPONSOR: Christensen+Associates for all the killer "swag". Thanks, Wicken & Mugsy! I hope we made you proud!!

Right after the game
Getting our shirts

SB's celebratory dance

 FINKS ON TWO, 1...2... FINKS!!!!!!!!