Thursday, April 24, 2008


We are tramp people and have been for a while now, so naturally when we heard about Jump On It we were stoked for the opportunity to jump on a bunch of tramps strapped together in a big warehouse.  $8.00 for one hour, small price to pay to fulfill a life long dream.  

Jump Master Becca flying like a kite
We are really, really happy to be here
Becca attempting to break her spine
The best picture of the whole day. She has what we call grace.
The next karate girl...sort of
Just loungin'.
Uh oh
I look good in tights
4 feet and under-nah
I heart hot pink Elephants
Our little soldier (although not really made for combat)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Class Presentations Suck

So for one of my classes we have to give a presentation this Thursday. I know, I know, we're cutting it a little close but my group consists of three married dudes and me. Oh and did I mention they're all deadbeats and super unreliable. Cool. Anyway, I'd seriously appreciate it if all you blog cats would look at this blog one of the guys in my group created and comment on the pictures. You'd really be helping me out. And since this blog brings ya'll so much joy all the time, you could at least do me this one solid. Ya dig? Thanks gang. Here is the blog: 

Monday, April 14, 2008

Secrets of Sugarhouse!

The weather has been warm for the past of couple of days and seriously it has provided me with a much needed pick me up. Next year I am SO going to Hawaii in the dead of winter so I can make it through with my chin up, because this winter has been unbearable. Anyway....Ally and I went on a walk on Sunday to enjoy the Spring sights and sounds of our "beloved" Sugarhouse. As we were walking I realized that we have come to know some secrets about Sugarhouse. First and foremost people either take care of their houses or they don't. Why is it fun to take pictures in front of ugly things?

Next, SHOP-N-GO! We have a gas station a few blocks from our house that is SUPER ghetto, but has become sort of a treasure. It's one of those places that sells soft ice cream, travel sized items, old maid cards, plastic handcuffs, sour cream, all kinds of booze, huge bags of watermelon sour patch candy, etc... It's like Ross, you look around and see so much crap, but if you dig deep you can really find some dynamite stuff. Anyway....if you can't see from this picture there is a cigarette propped up by the door, it's already been lit but was put out, it is currently sitting and waiting for it's owner to re-light and smoke the hell out of it. When I saw this I knew exactly who was behind the counter inside. Bleach blonde long pony girl, lets call her Smokesalot. Whenever Smokesalot is working, I can usually find her right outside the door doing what her name suggests. As I'm walking in she always says, "Are you going to be buying something in there?" Uh no lady, I'm window shopping at your ghetto gas station. Seriously? Yes I'm pretty sure I've saved up enough money to finally make a purchase. When I say yes, she looks all put out and dramatically puts her cig out.

Well that's it in the secrets department. Why would I post about the Secrets of Sugarhouse when I only know two. Hmmm....good question.

Oh and Ally and I became cake makers. Exhibit A: Corsett cake for Angie's bridal shower. Hot right?

Friday, April 4, 2008

Single Motherhood

While my oh so fortunate brother and sister-in-law are enjoying the sunny skies of Bermuda my parents are tending to their children: 3 and half year old Henry and 1 year old Ruby. My mom asked me to help out while she had to work on Thursday so I gladly took the day off from molding the minds of my 23 spring fevered rat finks. I headed up to Farmington on Wednesday after work so my parents could go to a work dinner in Park City that night. Well, I will say that Wednesday night was a good night. Ruby, Hen, and I laughed and laughed while aimlessly running around on the deck for over an hour. Then they sat down to a healthy dinner of fruit and chicken strips (my personal favorite), while I sat down to watch some Hills. I even had some friends over a little later. The kids went to bed on time and I thought man I'm made for this. Thursday started early, by 9:30 a.m we were all dressed, fed, and ready for action. So...we headed to the local Somerset Park. Only a few mishaps were had at the park: two bonks on the bean and one accident which resulted in undies taken off and pants no longer staying up without the padding of the undies. Luckily I'm a problem solver so the sash from my coat was made into a belt for the commando Hen's pants. After an hour and a half at the park we headed home for some lunch. Hen wanted to go out and so did I so we headed to Wingers. I was ready to brave the restaurant world as a single mom. We were given a booth with a booster and a high chair. We ate popcorn, grilled cheese sandwiches, french fries, and chicken strips. Geez wish we weren't so health conscious. Hen had the only vegetable.....half a stick of celery! The rest of the day was filled with sticker books, movies, and naps. Oh....and one number 2 accident. Wow Hen potty training is your game! I felt like the day was very successful. I rocked single motherhood, although I was exhausted when it was all over and went to bed at 10:30. Conclusion: I'm not ready for motherhood, especially single motherhood but I could do it maybe once a week and I'm very grateful that all of my students are potty trained.