Monday, October 29, 2007

10 Reasons Why We Heart Daddy Warbucks!

Daddy Hal had a birfday on October 21. We so rudely forgot to mention anything about his birfday on our blog. So we're going to TOTALLY REDEEM OURSELVES with this top 10 list. Enjoy.

10. In any situation with Hal involved, we always have OPTIONS
9. He's not so great with money, so shopping alone with him can be very productive
8. Because of Hal's sweet tooth, we can always count on two things being in the house: Chocolate & Soda
7. Because of Hal's persistance, there is a TV in EVERY room of the house. (Even the garage...Holla)
6. Thanks to Hal's friendly nature, we know every waiter's/waitress'/drive-through person's/woman living in a trailor down by the river's(Lula) life stories.
5. If you put him on a guilt trip about mom buying all the Christmas presents, next year you'll be guaranteed a lot of sporting equipment from Gart Sports. PLUS whatever mom bought. (Thanks for the Tennis raquet, softball bat, and fishing crap dad!)
4. He has no shame in dressing up for movies coming out that he's excited for. Examples: Dances with Wolves-Full headdress, face paint, and animal skins. Zorro-Mask, sword, 2 mini Zorro's accompanying him.
3. He trusts us to drive snowmobiles, motorcycles, and jet ski's at the ripe old age of Baptism.
2. He has lots of rich friends, which can reap many rewards. Example: We're getting a fully-loaded baseball diamond at the cabin-imported grass, sprinkler system, and hopefully rows of corn. (Essentially, Kate's field of dreams)
1. Our house IS A GYMNASIUM!
We love you Dad, and all the fun-filled memories. Keep 'em comin'!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Top 5 Reasons We're Glad We Are Two Ladies AND NO BABY

1. Breast Feeding--getting that little tyke to latch on can be such a bother.

2. Gyno--enough said.

3. Don't have to worry about being a bad example-Soda, Cursing, Music, Reality TV, ETC!

4. Romance(with MEN)-never having to beat the kids off in order to get in a good make out sesh

5. The only nap time we have to schedule around is our own.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Gay wad Grey's

So we had a party a few weeks ago to ring in the new season of Grey's Anatomy assuming the premier would by DYNAMITE! Party titled: Hella Fun Grey's party (who says hella? Good question). Well, to our dismay Izzy turned into a Veterinarian healing some road kill deer and Meredith and McDreamy were annoying the whole episode giving us no romance. Luckily we had good food, good beverages, and great company (thank you ladies) so it was still hella fun! Well, knowing that Grey's wouldn't let us down two weeks in a row we watched last week and were disappointed again, it's like watching a soap opera nothing ever happens we could probably not watch for three months and we'd still know what was going on. Hello, writers you are getting paid big bucks for this! Well, this week was another disappointment. We thought the fight with Izzy and Calli in the cafeteria over George would be funny or at least entertaining but it wasn't. Plus what's with Alex? I guess we should look on the bright side at least Meredith and McDreamy are giving us a little more love. Plus McSteamy is looking hotter than ever! Wow, that man is hot to trot! Next week better be good. Who are we kidding...or what...we're going to stop watching it? Ya right. Oh the joy of Grey's.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

There's Been A Disaster

I don't want to scare any of you but there has been a terrible disaster. Kate's hardrive on her computer is failing. Yes, failing. Everything might be lost, including close to 5,000 pictures and all her notes for this semester of school. Today at lunch, Kate was explaining what was happening with her computer, and said, "The good news is..." then Ashley interrupted and said, "That you're still young." ... What in the world? Why would that be good news to Kate when she's talking about her computer disaster. We all laughed at Ashley. Kate doesn't want to hear any crap about not backing up most of her stuff. Kate don't need that right now. Kate knows. And Kate is mad. Cry for Kate. Pray for Kate's computer.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sunday, October 14, 2007

We finally gave in

After lots of hounding from friends and family we finally decided to publish our exciting personal lives online. We have finally made the leap into cyberspace. I hope this is all that it's cracked up to be don't let us down blogspot, don't you dare let us down!

Where the Wild Things Are

Recently we decided to venture into the wild. Our goal: to take full advantage of the beauty that Fall brings, or some may say, Autumn. There was beauty all around, red, orange and brown. A feast for the eyes and a fresh breath for the soul. Five of us ladies, crammed into a small sedan, and headed up the canyon to experience the "Alpine Loop." The car ride may have been uncomfortable for some, but the love permeating throughout Green Speed Racer, was felt by all. Here is our documentation.