Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Running Pains

I ran the Ragnar last June. I don't even like to run. But I did it. After the Ragnar I went on a little running hiatus. It was glorious.

Now I'm reading the book Born to Run, to see if I could will myself to start running again. And not only that, I want to like running. I would kill to like running!

So I went for a run yesterday. A little jog around Sugarhouse Park. How did it go you may ask? Well... not that good. The cold air caused my asthma to act up so I was having coughing fits. (What am I, 80?) And after the run, I started getting this pain in my abdomen, like I pulled a muscle or something. How in the hail do you pull a muscle in your stomach while running?

Today, I'm sore. Real sore. And not the good kind of sore. I may have to reconsider running. How depressing.

I'm a ball sport kind of gal. Basketball. Football. Baseball. When I'm running for a purpose, then I enjoy it. But what the frick is the point of running just to run? I don't get it. Who wins? Nobody. Especially not my strained abdomen. If I'm going to kill myself running, I want to win!

Does anyone want to play a sport with me? Consistently? To get into shape? I'll do anything, excluding running.

Sorely Yours,


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Life of a (less than consistent) Blogger

In my opinion, we are pretty good bloggers. We are not however, pretty good consistent bloggers. I can admit that.

I’m always saying to Becca, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could get so many followers that we started making money from our blog?” Her reply is always the same, “Yeah Kate, but we only have like 9 followers cause we don’t post consistently.”

I make no attempt to counter her argument because it is rock solid. We just don’t post enough. Even I, an avid blog reader and stalker, not only like, but expect regular posting.  

I want everyone to know that I consistently have the best of intentions. The truth is, we don’t lead real exciting lives. You know when you’re perusing blogs and think, “Man, this person leads the coolest life! They’re always doing something.

I’m gonna be real with you people, my life is not that glamorous. In fact, it’s the antithesis of glamorous. Our lives (Me and Beck) pretty much consist of working, eating, and watching a lot of TV. Occasionally, we’ll go on a bad date or attend a church activity or go on a super sick vacation. But other than that, it’s pretty much what you’d expect from two single, Mormon, law-abiding gals.

So now that I’ve told you the truth about bloggers and how their lives aren’t as awesome as they look, I’ll share what we’ve been up to lately.

At the end of September, we went to New York with our lovely mother. This was Becca’s 4th, my 2nd and my mom’s 1st (real) visit to NYC. Man, I really like it there. 

                                                        (life in a bike taxi, is wild!)
We saw lots of cool things.

Including my favorite part of NY. 

And a lot of weird things too. 

We saw Wicked. Awesome. And paid more for a bike taxi than I care to share. (worth it)

We walked a lot.

And ate lots of good food. 

We went to the MOMA (museum of modern art)

And the WTC Memorial

We had lunch with our newest little New Yorker, Cousin Jessie at the cutest little French café in Hell's Kitchen

Becca, Kate and Sharon… us 3 together… doesn’t get much better. Thanks for a great trip Mom!

Then I went to Shanae's cabin with some of my favorite pals. It was perfect. (best pic of the trip)

Then we went to the Pro Player Classic charity basketball game at SLCC and met some real cool dudes.

One being Mr. P. Millsap, seen here signing Becca's, "I'm a Millsap Man" hat. 

And, our girl Ruby just turned 5! Us, being her favorite Aunts took her out for a day on the town, including a visit to Target to pick out her present, a quick stop at Wendy’s (her choice), a visit to the pet store and then Puss in Boots in theaters. Becca and I may or may not have drifted off a few times during that last one. 

Oh. I’ve also been seeing a lot of these guys lately. I mean A LOT.

It’s been a good Fall. Real good.

Desperately Yours,

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And the Winner?? Sarah Palin.....duh!!

The pearls, the glasses, the wig! I don't know if I've ever laughed so hard. This pet owner went above and beyond and deserves a Disney Cruise or something.