Thursday, August 12, 2010

You're 23? You look like you're 16.

How many times have I heard this sentence? Twice this week. What an original thought!

Did you think that maybe I wouldn't enjoy hearing you say that before it just spilled out of your mouth? I'm guessing not. Do you think I'm not FULLY aware of my youthful looks? Apparently not.

In the past, I used my youthful-looking-ness to my advantage. Like perhaps admission to movies at the kid price. But all that is over now.

These days, when a dude picks me up for a date and the first thing he says after getting in the car is, "How old are you?" ... Really, guy? You couldn't have thought up a more creative way to get me to divulge my age? Lucky for me, this isn't going anywhere. I knew it from the first moment I laid eyes upon your overly large tired truck and pinky ring.

"But you'll love it when you're older."




That really means nothing to me at this point in time.

Oh.. and I'm still the chubby sister.

Serenity now!!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010