Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hump Day Treat

Here is a little hump day treat. With the whole family being in town the past few weeks a lot of reminiscing has been had, therefore I've been reminded of these hilarious moments that have occurred over the years.

1. When we were living in Idaho Falls (between the ages of 4 and 7 for me and 2-5 for Kate) Kate and I both learned how to ride two wheelers. For some bizarre reason we both wanted helmets so we begged Sharon for the specified safety equipment. Is it strange that we had to beg for helmets? Well i remember doing it and finally Sharon caved. I guess you can't feel good about denying your flesh and blood safety equipment. Kate and I were stoked for our new teal and white helmets that clipped very tightly under the chin. As soon as we got home we saddled up on our bikes and rode around the neighborhood with our chins held high feeling so cool. Apparently my mom had errands to run and me being six or seven and very responsible was left in charge of the delinquent Kate. Well we rode for what seemed like hours and then came home to rest and re-coop in front of the T.V. when to our dismay.........we couldn't get the helmets off. Those stupid chin straps would not budge, Kate and I started to panic and soon tears were flowing. We tried for a good ten minutes and finally gave up. We realized we had two options go to a neighbor's house and beg for their help or watch T.V. with our helmets on and wait for our Mom to get home. We couldn't possible stoop to such a level of embarrassment and go to a neighbor for help when we had just rode around the neighborhood with such confidence as if nothing could dampen our spirits, therefore we chose the latter. Picture this two little ladies watching T.V. on the couch with helmets securely in place. She laughed, we didn't.

2. I've always been a girl who appreciates candy, so when I get a craving for candy I usually search far and wide for it. After a rough day at FJH I had a huge craving for candy so i started searching the house and ended up in Cody's room. Jackpot! Spotted, one root beer barrel so I ate it and didn't even feel bad about not asking if I could have it because I honestly didn't think he would notice that it was gone. Well within hours Cody came rampaging into my room demanding the candy back. I was so confused, why would he be freaking out over one measly piece of candy. Well he enlightened me rather quickly, "Becca that was a farting pill and I paid five bucks for it and was saving it for a special occasion. " Seriously???? And he was, very serious, then he went on to tell me that I owed him five dollars. So basically I ruined Cody's special gas day and was out five dollars and I had a stomachache after eating that stupid "pill."

3. Kate and I once clipped Werty's (our old dog-see above picture for the back of her head) whiskers because we thought they were getting too long, no wonder the poor girl starting having seizures.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Noah + Barney = Friends Forever

This is Noah, and he is the epitome of adorable. If this boy can't melt your heart there is no hope for you. He is so curious about life and is not the least bit shy about asking people questions. I've slept in Farmington a few times this last week because the Cody Christensen family has been in town. While I was home one night I dreamed that we changed Rrrosa's name (see side panel if you don't know who Rrrosa is) to Barney, I honestly woke up laughing. So, I started calling the little pup Barney. Well, Noah asked why I was calling her Barney and I told her that we changed her name. Immediately Noah started calling her Barney or Barn for short. It's hard to change someone's name overnight so sometimes he catches himself saying, "Come here Rrros, I mean Barn." I need to record his little voice saying this, it is so hilarious. Poor Rrrosa is going to have a little bit of an identity crisis but it will be worth the laughs, sorry Barn.

Monday, August 4, 2008

1 Year

A lot can change in a year; a month; a week; a day. A lot can change in a moment.  

One year ago today, a lot changed for me. When I say a lot, I mean everything. One year ago today, we lost Seth Cody Fraughton. 

I can't believe its been a year. Its been the longest and shortest year of my life. I can't believe I haven't seen Seth for a year. In some ways it seems like I was with him yesterday, and in some ways it seems like it's been years. It's amazing how much I remember about him and how much I am already struggling to grasp. It makes me want to write down everything so I'll never forget. But I would never stop writing. 

Seth was my best friend. He was the most loyal, kind, and humble person I've ever known. He could make me laugh like no one else on Earth. When I was with him, I felt like the best version of myself. He made me want to be better. 

I am so full of emotion today that it is hard to express myself through words. I can't adequately explain what Seth meant to me, and how much the world lost when Seth left it. It brings me a source of comfort knowing that he is watching over us and that I will see him again. But it doesn't dismiss the fact the I miss him and that it has been seemingly impossible to be happy without him here. Knowing that he was my best friend and that he would always be on my side, made me brave. Seth made me brave. And now that he is gone, I have struggled to find myself without the anchor he was in my life. 

I guess all I want to say today, is that I love you Sethy, and I miss you. All I do is miss you. I can't wait to see you again boy, it will be a great day.