Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bunnies and Stuff

 Kate falling in love.
 Cabin crafts

 The cutest of the nappers.
 Cutest skirt my mom made for Ruby.
 Milkshakes in Ashton.
 Teton National Park hike.
 J. Crew models returning from religious activities.
Idaho sunsets.
4th of July Sandlot festivities.
San Diego Bliss

Never turn your back on the ocean.
Best place to bike.

Well it's mid summer. I've been out of school long enough to rarely know what day of the week it is. What a great feeling that is...... Kate rolls her eyes every time I ask if today is Monday. Should have been a school teacher everybody.  I've been saying that for years and nobody seems to listen, face the facts you dum dums.

Here is the 411 in the Sugarhouse. Trips, Trips Trips. A few days in Coronado, CA were quickly followed by 2 weeks at the cabin and then a few days on our annual river rafting trip. Lots of fun to be had by all and a decent amount of relaxation.

Somewhere in there I gave into my ever present desire to own a bunny. It was discussed extensively over a lunch and within the hour I had the little darling in my arms. I picked the laziest bunny because I  wanted it to lay around 95% of the day.  We named her Lorraine Rose for obvious reasons. She turned out to be the opposite of lazy and could jump out of her bin "cage" within a few hours. She grew very fond of human food specifically cooler ranch Doritos (yes there has been a debate already over cooler ranch vs. cool ranch with no resolution in sight), chocolate chip cookies, and bananas.  Bunnies are adorable and soft and usually pretty cuddly, but here's the problem...... they're not clean.  We let the bun run around our neighbors' apartment because they didn't have much on the floor so she could run freely. Well once she got a taste of freedom there was no going back.  She wanted to be out all of the time. 10 days later we donated our bunny back to the pet store. We couldn't give Lorraine the freedom she deserved. Was it worth it? Hells ya it was worth it, I had to get that out of my system. Imagine going through life never knowing what it would be like to have a bunny of my own!

On a lighter note.... the little boy I've been tutoring this summer told me today that his very expensive siamese cat is no longer alive.  "Frank got smashed by the garage door, landed right on his neck." The kid seemed unfazed while retelling the story even when he got to the part where they couldn't get the cat's eyes to close.

Cheers to bunnies and garage doors with sensors.