Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Princess of Power Turns (gulp) 23!

Well everybody, this magical morning at 6:06am our mother birfed her first baby girl. She was a  7lb. 2oz. little lady with a full head of hair.  So here ya go, 23 reasons why I love the Princess of Power, RMC yeah you know me, Becky Bunny, Berbaque, and my personal favorite, B-Loafer!

1. She's scrawny. Upon looking at her, it appears as though you can break her like a twig. Her fingers are just bones, the skinniest little pencils you've ever seen. It's really quite remarkable. If you get a chance, hold her hand for a minute, you'll be very impressed. But I like her little hands, they're unique. 
2. She's scrappy. She may not look like a fighter but I tell ya, she's got a lot of rage inside her tiny frame. She's a kicker, in fact, one time she was doing these high kicks to keep me away from her and she kicked me in the face. If you ever get in a fight with her, watch out for the kicking or you'll get worked. 

3. She's a teeny bopper. She'll admit that she likes most cheesy, lame teen movies. But in reality, I think a lot of people like these movies but they'll never admit it. I like that she embraces it; she's not afraid to be herself. 

4. She has a passion for good TV shows. I like that. She likes all the shows I like and even with her super anal, intense need to get things done all the time personality, she'll spend an entire night watching a killer TV line-up and be totally stoked about it.

5. She's a thoughtful gift giver. She's not one of those people who just buys crap at the last minute. She'll really put a lot of thought and energy into giving gifts. I'm always excited to see what I'm getting from her, whether it be for Christmas or my Birfday. I always know that it's going to be something I really like and that she put a lot of thought into. 

6. She's fast. If a wild animal of some sort, or ya know, a kidnapper were chasing both of us, I'd be in serious trouble. 

7. She's got good taste in guys. I say that mostly because we both tend to be attracted to the same kinds of guys. Ya know, tall, dark and ruggedly hansom. NBD

8. She eats whatever she wants. Of course I hate her for this because only a handful of people can eat whatever they want and not gain any lbs, I sadly, am not one of them anymore. For instance, this past weekend we went to the cabin and on our drive home Becca bought and ate with almost no help, an entire bag of Cheeto's. Upon finishing the bag she said, "Ya know Sennett Fraughton got one thing right, Cheeto's are the best chip ever!" 

9.   She takes care of me. She is what I consider the ultimate big sister. I couldn't ask for a better one. She laughs with me when I laugh, she cries with me when I cry and she makes sure that I'm not doing anything stupid. She takes care of me, and being the baby of the family, let's be honest, I need all the help I can get. 

10. She's afraid of really weird things. Like Bears and Moose. I make fun of her constantly for it, but I find it endearing. 

11. She is a very fun person to go on vacation with. If any of ya'll have not been on a vaca with Beck, I would highly recommend it. She'll break it down all over Hawaii, Newport, D.C. or wherever. The point its, wherever she is, you can guarantee it's going to be a party. 

12. She likes Karaoke. Okay, so the Christensen Family Singer's aren't really the best singers in the world. Everybody except for Hal can carry a tune, but we're not known for our mad singing skillz. Anyway, when Becca is doing Karaoke, she's not afraid to belt it! She'll throw all caution to the wind and sing her little heart out. Good for you Beck, good for you!

13.  She's really clean. Even though she's super anal and OCD about cleaning and it drives me crazy most of the time, the reality is, who doesn't like things to be clean? I mean really, when someone voluntarily deep cleans your room or bathroom, who is going to complain about that? Not me, that's for sure. Thanks B-Loaf, for making up for my lack of cleaning enthusiasm. 

14. She's beautiful. Inside and out, she is one of the most beautiful people I know. 

15. She appreciates a good nap. 

16. She is coordinated. Most girl's aren't super coordinated. Sorry gals. But Becca can seriously hold her own. Even though she's the biggest hacker I've ever seen while playing Basketball, she can dribble and pass and shoot. As a lover of sports, I appreciate pure coordination, and my friends, Becca has some serious coordination. 
17. She can do cool tricks on a trampoline. Back flips, front flips, aerials, back hand springs, front hand springs, swivel hips, brandy's... the list goes on and on. When it comes to jumping on tramps, she is boss. 

18. She gives Rosa (our dog) deep tissue massages. Weird, right? And totally unnecessary for a dog, right? Well, think about it, who doesn't like a good massage? And after watching the level of relaxation coming from Rosa's face, I think she appreciates every minute of it. How considerate of you Becca. On behalf of Rosa, I thank you. 

19. She's funny and has a great sense of humor. Not only can she crack jokes, and chime in with witty comments, she isn't a stage hog. She'll laugh with you and add some entertainment of her own. What a nice combo!

20. She has a good sense for fashion. I feel like she's always dressed really cute. I think I'm turning into the 'other' sister who doesn't know 'how to dress herself' or whatever.

21. She loves Dr Pepper as much as I do. In fact, I think drinking DP together may be our favorite pastime. She's not afraid to crack one open at 9 in the morning. C'mon, we all have those mornings and it just makes life so much better to give in and throw back an ice cold carbonated beverage. 

22. She's a people pleaser. Most of the time I take full advantage of this particular trait. I think I can get Becca to do pretty much whatever I want. Like go to Water Aerobics with my G-ma C. at 7 am on a Saturday. Not for the work out of course(I mean how much of a work out can it be considering the old lady in the front row sticking close to the edge due to the short cord of her oxygen tank) but simply for the entertainment of watching G-ma try to conquer the back float with the help of her friends. Doesn't get much better than that!

23. And finally, Becca will not back down from a challenge or difficult task. For example, she was the one who had to tell me the worst news of my life. I know this was very difficult for her, considering she knew the news would make my world come crashing down; but she did it. She stepped up and did the best she could with a horrible situation. I wouldn't have wanted to hear such news from any other soul on Earth, and I appreciate and admire her courage. 

Happy 23rd Rebecca Mary, you're my pretty, pretty Princess and I love you forever and for always.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Prettiest Prid Prid Turns the Big 2-1

Holla to my girl and May 22nd. Since I've done numerous posts of why I love Kate this birthday post will be soley pictures, ENJOY!

Now I'll drink to that!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy 23rd Birthday to My Lady in Red

Well ladies and gents today (May 16) is my BFF: Allyson Clare Zollinger's birthday. Here is a shout out to my one and only.

23 reasons why Ally's my girl:

1.She has showered with a live squirrel.

2.She's the youngest in her family of six so her mom let us do lots of stuff that my mom wouldn't let us do. Holla Diane

3. She has a serious thing for cowboys. Cowboy butts drive her nuts!

4. Ally dates and attracts older men!

5. Once in front of our whole ward she said that she was most grateful for reality T.V.

6. She has slit someone's tires.

7. She's the only person I've shared the backseat of a police car with.

8. She loves birds of prey.

9. She has Kramer esque (Seinfeld) tendencies. If she's caught off guard she makes these sudden jerky movements like Kramer.

10. She wants to quit her job to be a baker.

11. She hates it when people are naked in locker rooms.

12. She has crazy hands.

13. She hates stuffed animals.

14. She hearts Mad Libs

15. She can do a wolverine impersonation.

16. She's from Idaho but she hates winter and the cold.

17. Once she was playing baseball in 1st grade in front of her crush (ya she was crushing in 1st grade) and he tagged her out at first but she kept on running all the way home. The teacher had to break the news to her that she didn't make it past first, she's hated sports since. Sorry Al.

18. She got glasses when she was like 9 months old.

19. She hates unpacking.

20. She's very hardworking and loyal to her job.

21. Her favorite movie is Cutting Class--some of Brad Pitt's finest work.

22. She refuses to go to the bathroom in the woods.

23. She talks in her sleep. Last year when we shared a room she started yelling at me to shut the window (which I had already done) because she was freezing her A-S-S off. And yes she spelled ass. Never a dull moment.

Clary--Rat Fink's Anonymous is nothing without you. I couldn't ask for a better BFF. Thanks for sharing a seat with me and lying to the ferris wheel man at Fun Land when I wet my pants, not many people would have done that you are truly one of a kind. May year 23 be as monumental as year 4 was. Love, B

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Three peas in a pod

The house Daniel is buying us when he is a famous rapper
Friendship Hobos
Taken out by a wave in jeans. Thank goodness for long jacket--avoid chaffing.
Stoked for Indiana Jones
3 peas--some girl told Daniel his shirt looked like her sheets when she was little! Daniel taking one for the team on Splash Mtn

Barking dogs
Urban purchases: Run DMC shirt and Hillary is my Homegirl--hot glasses
Pluto with ladies
Daniel and strangers

Newport Escapade

People: Ally, Becca, Daniel

Places: Newport Coast, Disneyland, Laguna Beach, L.A.


Renting our first car--paying fees because we are under 25

Marriot Suite

Beach--Daniel hating the beach


Taking pictures with strangers

Disneyland--sitting by Daniel as he's FREAKING out on rides

Disneyland Hangover

Shopping--buying random stuff at Urban O.

Jazz Win

Mother's Day Joe's Crab Shack dinner--being told we were the nicest Mormon's our waitress had met that day. Waitress thinking that Daniel was either drunk or high.
*Sidenote:I triple heart the beach. One day I will have a house on the beach. Please, I'm a good girl!!