Sunday, May 15, 2011

Undies & AK 47

Kate: "What do I need to do tonight? I need to do some laundry.  I'm out of undies, I hate being out of undies. I gotta get some more undies."

* Somebody get this girl some undies STAT!

Just when you thought Andrei Kirilenko couldn't get any uglier, he goes out and does something like this.

I would rather french kiss Rrrosa for 24 hours than deal with this guy.

Monday, May 9, 2011

You're kidding me...

So I really don't have a whole lot to say. Maybe that's why we haven't posted in awhile? Maybe I'm all out of witty anecdotes and outrageously ridiculous quips about absolutely nothing of significance? So don't blame me for the following... because it may be boring and totally irrelevant to you and your life.

I've been pretty happy with the NBA playoffs this year. After coming to grips with the Jazz's "midseason meltdown," I concluded that I would just sit back, crack open a tall cold one, and shout smart alec remarks about how stupid teams/players are, or be hyper-critical of everything the Lakers and Heat do. It's been oddly satisfying. I've had a very stress-free postseason and that's because I have no real vested interest in who does what. Just as long as the Heat and Lakers don't win the whole thang.

And guess what...

The Lakers got SWEPT in the second round!!! What could be better than that? Uh, I know, the Lakers getting a beat down in Game 4 by 36 points! 36 points, people!! That is embarrassing! What could be better than the embarrassed Lakers? Uh, pick me again, cause I can tell ya. How about the Lakers committing horrendously flagrant fouls (BYNUM, you A-wipe) in the closing minutes and disgusting sports fans across the country with their lack of class. Lakers are classless? Shocking! Right. We all knew the Lakers and all their fans are ghetto, wannabe thugs. So why not play the part. NEWS FLASH - sometimes it DOESN'T pay to be a horrible person (uh hmm Kobe).

Boy does it feel good. So the Jazz didn't make the playoffs... but the Lakers got SWEPT, embarrassed, AND tarnished their image. For ONCE, maybe it's not easy to be a Laker fan... Whoa, now I'm just being ridiculous.

Anyway, all you non sports fans, I would apologize for the above rant, but you should really be thanking  me when you can pitch in on office sports talk and actually contribute for once. (was that offensive? oh darn)

Hugh is doing great. Rrrosa is as peppy as ever, Al is lookin' fine as usual, and Beck is in bed at 9:29 this fine, Monday evening. So really our only area of concern is Becca. Oh and me? Hopefully, some big changes are coming my way. Don't you worry, I'll keep you updated on my exciting life (I wish it were more like Seinfeld, and I was Elaine).

That's all I've got tonight, people. I'll try and do better, but you know me, I can't make any promises. But thanks for being loyal followers.