Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fraughton Family Fun

Fraughton background: Father Cody and Father Hal met on missions in England and have been best friends since. Brother Cody is named after Father Cody.

Dad: Cody 
Mom: Charli
Kyle--Ashlee (Kyle is Cody's best friend)

1. One Christmas Seth asked for an original Civil War bayonet.
2. Once Sennett didn't change his socks for three weeks, he'd shower and put the dirty ones back on.
3. Seth also went through a hygiene challenged phase and Kate told him that if he didn't start showering she wouldn't play with him anymore. We were all grateful to Kate when Seth changed his ways.
4. Cody had a similar talk with Kyle. 
5. While tubing at the cabin Seth punched Mal in the face, she was wearing ski goggles and they broke with the force of the punch and gave her an immediate black eye. Mal's attitude infused response, "That didn't hurt."
6. Mal's "gravity defying miracle ride" snowmobiling through the treetops.
7. Jodanna and Mal's cat fight almost caught on tape. Hint: it involved a brand new CJH cheerleading uniform, a bowler hat, and music.
8. Tanner always bribing us with chicken strip baskets and blizzards from Dairy Queen. IE: 1000 jumping jacks=1 medium blizzard. Why you ask? purely for his entertainment.  One particular incident, Tanner talked Mal into running for as long as she could for a chicken strip basket AND blizzard.  We followed her in the car, yelling discouraging remarks out the windows. Unfortunately for Mal, when she was done she was too sick to eat it so we reaped the benefits of her fun run.
9. "Geez Mal."
10. Kate and Seth rolling Sennett up in a big slap of heavy carpet and leaving him in the gym to scream until a responsible adult got home.
11. Plays.
12. Duck hunting. Only success: when Seth finally caught the uncatchable white duck.
13. The Summer of Pogo.
14. Father Cody got very festive for Lake Powell one year, when he tried to Nair his chest while on Ambien.  The result: a perfectly shaped V in the center of his chest. What does V stand for you ask? Victory
15. Kyle jumping off the houseboat onto his pregnant mother's air mattress to see if it could withstand the impact, two words.....duct tape.....and another four....what were you thinking?
16. Charli's themed birthday parties.
17. Tanner sometimes referring to older women as old battle axes.
18. Sennett...cheetos and a grape soda mustache.
19. Seth and Kate dressed Sennett up as a homeless person (he was 9) complete with drawn on beard, cutup clothes, and a sign reading "Homeless, God Bless" and had him stand outside of Albertson's begging for money so they could buy candy. A cop rained on their parade and sent the homeless boy home.
20. Mal trying to teach Sennett how to rollerblade down the enormous Somerset hill.  Her words of advice before she hauled down the hill backwards? "If you crouch down, you go slower." Oh how naive. As she started nearing the bottom at a very high speed she realized she had two choices one: chance the main street intersection or two: road rash. She chose the latter.  Did that deter us from our final destination...lunch at Spanky's? No my friends, we just sent her to the bathroom to clean herself up while we enjoyed our delicious sub sandwiches.
21. I don't know how we got away with watching Dumb and Dumber as children but it quickly became our favorite movie.  One day at the Bountiful Bubble, we talked Sennett into walking up to Ashlee (Kyle's then girlfriend and now wife) and saying "Nice set of hooters you got there." When she exclaimed, "What?" He replied with, "the owls, their beautiful." Her face was priceless.
22. One time Cody and Charli got into an argument about which side of the family Seth got his talent from.  It ended with Cody walking out of the room and Seth and Kate hysterical on the floor.  Kate later claimed he got all of his talent from her.
23. Seth faking a broken arm on April Fools Day. 
24. In the Fraughton house every Christmas and birthday the boys get one thing: 
"Hi Seth what did you get for Christmas?"
"A Gun."
"Ya, but it's not just any gun, it's a blah blah blah blah blah."
"Oh, cool. Well I can't wait to see you shoot it, Scott would be so proud."
25. One year, which we like to refer to as "Dream Big Christmas" all of the Fraughton's got animals: a cat, a bird, and a snake.  Well within weeks the cat killed the bird, the snake disappeared and a while later the cat ran off.  Well it was a valiant effort. 
26. In our movie making stage we really capitalized on having a new baby around. Brand new baby Ryker became the star of our next film.  Mal was the hysterical mom, Sennett was the caring husband dabbing her brow, Seth was the crazy doctor, and Kate was the nurse.  Mal successfully delivered a 16 pound naked baby Ryker who refused to cry no matter how many times Seth slapped his butt, Kate saved the performance with stifled fake baby crying.  The video went on to win many awards.

Thanks Fraughton Family for all the good memories, we could go on and on.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mr. C

Good things happened today in Miss C's 2nd grade class.  For weeks we've been working on brainstorming and writing, the problem is getting them motivated about it; we've written letters to Santa, we've written about what they want to be when they grow up, what they're thankful for, blah blah blah.  Today I decided that we were going to compile a list of what Mr. C needs to have in order for Miss C. to marry him (they don't realize I will have his last name, unless it totally sucks, like Balls or Butt, count me out of Mrs. Balls). This was a good time people, here are the best ones:

He has to own a Viper (car)
He has to want to wrestle when he gets home from work (ummmmm...)
Not too hairy
Some facial hair
Not too tall or too short
Likes Dr. Pepper
Nice--after someone said this, a boy piped in and said, "ya you don't want someone grumpy like my dad, he just comes home from work and drinks Pepsi."

I love 2nd grade it is so hilarious, they think George Clooney is President for heaven's sake. 
I'll drink to that!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

If Becca Were Bella...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Utah is Awesome for these reasons.......

Whenever I'm driving through Utah I wonder where the weird names came from and then I'm just thankful that they exist because they've provided me with many a laugh.
2. Scipio
3. Paragonah
4. Salina
5. Levan (navel backwards)
6. Kanosh
7. Kanab
8. Panguitch
9. Toquerville
10. Pintura
11. Toole
12. Roy
13. Mona
14. New Harmony
15. Circleville
16. Parawon
17. Kolob
18. Manderfield
19. Draper
20. Milford
21. Filmore
22. Minersville
23. Browse
24. Duchesne 

People should consider naming their children some of these names. 

Friday, November 7, 2008

Flashback Friday

We need to do Flashback Friday more often because childhood, no matter who you are, is weird and hilarious. Kate and I were talking about this memory the other day and it's definitely cyberspace material.

When Kate and I were between the ages of lets say 4 and 12 we had a little secret. We didn't know it was a big deal until we had a little bus stop encounter. Weird stuff happens at bus stops people--like sometimes people bring beef in a baggy to the bus stop in the morning and knaw on it until the bus comes and throughout the whole bus ride. Anyway...that's besides the point. So one uneventful morning at the bus stop some kids were talking about underwear and how they knew some siblings who shared underwear. They were acting so appalled and disgusted as they were telling this story. Then the storytellers turned to us and said, "you guys don't share underwear do you?" Kate and I looked at each other with horrified faces, screaming from the inside, please lie, please lie, please lie. By the grace of heaven we both replied with, "oh no, never!" I remember our conversation as we walked home from the bus stop that day:

Kate: "Geez, I didn't know sharing undies was that bad."

Becca: "I know, we're the same size and it all looks the same I don't see what the big deal is."

Kate: "We have to start writing our initials on our undies."

Becca: "I know, think of how bad it would be if they knew we've always shared undies."

Kate: "Mom is not going to be happy about this."
*Once again, this picture has nothing to do with this post except maybe they are walking to or from a bus stop. I just really like it and I think it needs to be appreciated. Holla!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congratulations President Barack Obama.

I know politics are a touchy subject. Believe me I know. I live in Provo, Utah of all places. Living in such a conservative state, I try to avoid any talk of politics. But today I feel inclined to say a little something regarding today's election results. 

Today Senator Barack Obama was elected to be President of the United States. Regardless of political parties, it was an historic day for America. Today we elected our first African-American President, a major breakthrough in U.S. history. Although it has been a tumultuous few years, I still feel so proud to be an American. Today was a big stepping stone toward equality. America was able to put race aside and elect the person they felt most suited for the job. When just decades ago people of other races didn't have the right to vote. We have come a long way. I sincerely hope the next four years will be better than the last. 

*I do not wish to argue over politics, so if you have a negative comment please keep it to yourself. This has nothing to do with political parties. Thank you.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

We are not huge Halloween people so usually it's not a day too out of the ordinary, but this year we decided to make a little party of it. We had a dance party at Kate's apartment--Club Omni on Halloween night. Here's a little picture documentation:
Ally and I were Bleaker and Juno.
Kate, Ash, and Cass were Mormon Hags or Sister wives.
Elizabeth had mutiple costumes but here she is a jazzerciser.

The Happy Couple-Proof of their extracurricular shenanigans 

Sister-Wives Kate & Ashley

Sister-Wives Kate, Cass, Ash= HOT

Elizabeth Jazzercizing 


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dog Names

You know what I appreciate? When people name their dogs human names:

Can you imagine getting pissed at your dog and screaming the name Barbara. That's what I'm talking about.

*I realize this picture is of a mini horse, I think that's the pet I desire most right now and I'd name him Robert.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Job is Better Than My Mom's

First things first, this blog is currently under construction. I can't get the background color to change. Blah

These are the reasons I'm fairly confident my job is better than my Mom's:
1. Yesterday this boy wrote this in his journal and was not ashamed to sing it in front of me and the entire class. And yes he wrote down all the nah nah nah's. Awesome.

2. Yesterday I overheard this conversation while they were lining up.
Boy 1: I want McCain to win.
Boy 2: No way, I want Obama.
Boy 1: No, Obama wants to raise taxes.
Boy 2: Well McCain is about to die.

3. A few weeks ago I asked my class if they knew who the current president was......first I saw a bunch of blank faces and then a very confident hand went up. When I called on the confident hand he replied with, "George.....George Clooney."
Oh how bright America's future looks huh?

4. Recently a tearful girl came up to me and said, "Teacher, Lexi pinched my bum." So of course I had to crack the whip on Lexi by saying, "Did you pinch Abby's bum?" She said nothing but had a very guilty wide-eyed stare. I said, "No more pinching bums okay?"
I get paid to say this crap. Seriously?

5. I was talking to one of my ladies about Christmas and I asked her what she wanted. She said, "a lion, or a tiger, or a giraffe." I replied with, "wow, that would be fun, but where would you keep it?" She thought for a second and said, "well I have a living room."
Hello! Obviously the perfect place to keep a large wild beast.

6. The most adorable little trouble making boy with the best Lloyd Christmas haircut I've seen in years came up to me and whispered, "teacher I can't get the snap on my pants to snap." I said, "well try one more time, if you can't get it I can do it for you." He said, "I don't want everyone to see my underwear teacher, it's white."
Imagine the humiliation.

I won't go on. The good news is, here is an open invitation to volunteer in my classroom anytime. It's like a free comedy club. Happens everyday.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's Our One Year Anniversary

I'm new at this whole anniversary thing. I've never had one. In fact, neither Becca or I have ever had a relationship last long enough to require one. How great is that? One year ago today, we embarked on a very long and treacherous journey in the blogging world. We've had our ups and downs but I think one year later we have learned to live and love in a way we could never have imagined. So here's to one year of absolute blogging bliss. 

Today's blog post is dedicated to all the bad dates it took to get us to where we are today. 

Cassie--New relationship (you go girl)
Rrrosa--Long-term boyfriend

Becca:  As some of you might know, Becca has had a bit of a history with recurring allergic reactions. She hasn't had one in a few years (knock on wood), but she used to have them fairly often. The problem was that we didn't know what she was allergic to, so the reactions would come on without any warning. Well one evening Becca was on a date with this boy. The date was going fine until the drive back to our house. Becca felt an allergic reaction coming on and realized she had to give herself an epi-pen shot to stop the reaction. So she jumped in the back seat and told her date not to look while she took her pants off and stabbed herself in the leg with the epi-pen. The recently returned missionary drove at an exceptionally slow pace with his eyes bulging out of his head the whole way home. Upon arriving back to the house, Becca bolted from the car with a quick, "See ya" and left the poor kid to sort out what had just happened in the back seat of his car. 

Ally: Met in the Liberty Square (apartment complex in Provo) hot tub.  Asked her out for the next night. They went to Utah Lake for 3 hours and sat in his car. He put his hand on her knee and said, "Can I touch you there?" To which she hesitantly replied, "Sure..." He was currently aspiring to be in the Mormon Tabernacle Handbell Choir (does that even exist?). While sitting in the car they only listened to EFY music to stay spiritual for his splits with the missionaries on Friday and Saturday nights and his full-time job at the MTC. He told her he'd told his Mom all about her and asked if it was okay to tell people they were dating now (in the middle of their first date). The next day he called and she looked at her phone and immediately put it down. He was right behind her. Then he gave her a hand full of gerber daisies and said he just couldn't wait until May 16 (it was March), her birfday. She later had her friend call him to "break up". 

Ashley:  She was set up on a blind date who showed up an hour late. He took her off-roading in his "sweet Subaru". Then they went to a gas station to fill up a bunch of jugs of gasoline and drove out to the old Payson mine shaft. They were in a big group and the guys proceeded to put paper towels in the gasoline jugs, light them on fire and throw the "gasoline bombs" down the mine shaft. The cops showed up and threatened to get them all kicked out of BYU. Needless to say, Ashley never saw him again. Lucky girl whoever ends up with that cat. 

Kate: My dad made me go out with the son of this guy he knew at work. He insisted on picking me up even though he lived in Murray. He arrived at 6PM sharp, five minutes later I was telling him I couldn't be home late because I had to "get up early" the next day(little trick I learned from Seinfeld). We met up with his childhood "bud" and his girlfriend, went to dinner and then headed to Murray for a "surprise" (seriously?). Well, the surprise turned out to be two-in-one!! The first was that I got to meet his WHOLE family (on the first date). Then we went into the backyard and played board games in a tent. A tent. 7 hours later (1AM) he was taking me home where I might've fallen asleep while he was rambling on and on about how it might be hard for us to date when he went back to Utah State and I went to Provo (big worry of mine too). I call this my marathon date.

Cassie:  She got asked out by this guy in her ward. He asked her to bring sandwiches because he didn't want to spend money on dinner. He showed up wearing a purple, velour shirt (nuff said). When Cassie walked out of her room wearing jeans, he said, "Ew, you should probably wear a skirt cause we're going to an outdoor symphony." Cassie reluctantly went to change and when she came out in a skirt he sighed with a smile, looking her up and down (yuck). The "outdoor concert" turned out to be the soundtrack to The Lord of The Rings. While eating the apples he brought for dinner, he started rubbing her back. Cassie leaned forward to escape his pale, bony hands and gave him a dirty look. The rest of the semester Cassie had to pretend that she had a boyfriend so LOR boy would stop stalking her.  Oh and did I mention that he has his own jewelry making business? Could this get any better? Nope. 

Rrrosa: Never had a bad date in her life. Figures. She's got the body of a dog goddess. 

Now, I would encourage y'all to comment (everyone will be able to do it now) and give us your feedback. Any constructive criticisms or requests that might help make our blog even more awesome than it already is. K punkins? HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What is it?

This past weekend was spent at the cabin. I think that every time I go to the cabin I fall more in love with it. I don't know what it is about it that I love so much, I consider myself a girl who loves the city and the cabin is completely the opposite of that:
No internet
No phones
No T.V. (okay DVD's but no t.v. shows)
No shopping
No restaurants
I've never left the cabin thinking, oh ya I'm ready to go back to the real world, I'm always grasping at the last moments spent there. Even this summer when the Mimi and I spent a whole week there, it wasn't enough. I guess it's the feeling that time doesn't really exist at the cabin, I have no deadlines to meet, or people relying on me. I'm a "get it done" kind of girl but when I'm up there it's as if my weird OCD tendencies disappear. I feel completely content drinking 3 Dr. Peppers and eating tons of peanut butter bars, taking 2 or 3 naps a day, finishing a whole season of One Tree Hill in record time, listening to my Mimi yelling weird Spanish words while playing Mexican Train, trying to scrapbook with Celia and barely managing to get a page done over the course of the trip. The list could go on and on, I guess it's the combination of those things that make the cabin heaven on earth for me. This time of year is especially enjoyable because of the Fall colors. Oh cabin, oh bliss! Oh I know what it is...the weird crap that only happens at the cabin like Mom and Dad challenging each other to a foot race around the cabin--since when are they competative and since when do they run? Nailed it! (Someone should probably ask Kate what she had to say about this foot race).

Monday, September 29, 2008

"Look at you for ugly"

Once Cody was terrorizing the neighbors and somehow we were fortunate enough to get it on camera. Caught on tape was this beautifully poetic line, "look at you for ugly."
I like ugly pictures, even of myself. I'm taking the liberty to post such pictures. Here's what I found. HOLLLAAA

Get em Al

Check out Cody

Some super sick family pic. The mimi is the only saving grace.Holla mom

Look at Al nursing her wounds

He has on a tiny little league shirt. I think it adds

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ode to a Celia

So we are totally redeeming ourselves like 8 months later, sorry Cel but here's your surprise birthday shout out that you so faithfully did for us and we failed to do for you. 30 reasons we love Celia (Scott's wife-our sister in law). *Cel, I'm sorry about these pics but honestly I didn't have very many pics of you. WTF!

1. She adopted a whale named either Onyx or Tica-there is still some confusion there.

2. She can karaoke Sin Wagon by the Dixie Chicks like no one else.

3. She makes delicious peanut butter bars.

4. She was a lip slut in college.

5. Her high school clique was called the Freak Shows.

6. Her favorite song to skate to at Classic Skating was Enter Sandman by Metallica.

7. In 6th grade she was President of Farmington Elementary.

8. Her middle name is Lorraine.

9. She taught us how to say "I have diarrhea" in Portuguese.

10. She needs a Diet Coke everyday like the rest of the Christensen family.

11. She has good hair.

12. She helped Scott out of his grimy stage-the world thanks you for that Cel.

13. She's a shmoozer. On the cruise our waiter, Francisco, would serenade "the whole table" but really he would just be looking at Celia. She knew his life story by the end of the first night.

14. She blew up a T.V. and tried to deny it to her parents.

15. She's nice to everyone even the crazy people, who interestingly enough, approach her often.

16. She teaches her kids to do funny things like scary fingers and crazy eyes.

17. She can quote weird movies like Dennis the Menace and Home Alone.

18. She can eat a whole jar of pickles.

19. She's a good sleeper.

20. Kate ran into one of her Elementary school classmates, Marty Cluff, and he asked Kate if Celia was her mom. Celia replied loudly with, "Marty, please!"

21. She's a fast and efficient driver.

22. She's fun to talk to and she gives good advice.

23. She makes everyone feel welcome.

24. She went on the river trip (river rafting) when she was 7 months pregnant with Henry.

25. She's a good writer.

26. She remembers weird things like our childhood pony's name--Duchess.

27. Her favorite movie is Free Willie

28. Her favorite T.V. show is Felicity.

29. She has little brows to even out Scott's meaty ones. Ruby and Hen are grateful I'm sure.

30. She can rap to Eminem.