Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mr. C

Good things happened today in Miss C's 2nd grade class.  For weeks we've been working on brainstorming and writing, the problem is getting them motivated about it; we've written letters to Santa, we've written about what they want to be when they grow up, what they're thankful for, blah blah blah.  Today I decided that we were going to compile a list of what Mr. C needs to have in order for Miss C. to marry him (they don't realize I will have his last name, unless it totally sucks, like Balls or Butt, count me out of Mrs. Balls). This was a good time people, here are the best ones:

He has to own a Viper (car)
He has to want to wrestle when he gets home from work (ummmmm...)
Not too hairy
Some facial hair
Not too tall or too short
Likes Dr. Pepper
Nice--after someone said this, a boy piped in and said, "ya you don't want someone grumpy like my dad, he just comes home from work and drinks Pepsi."

I love 2nd grade it is so hilarious, they think George Clooney is President for heaven's sake. 
I'll drink to that!


Anonymous said...

Haha, Becca this is so funny! Kids say the funniest things! I bet you just laugh all day long!!

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Dear Mrs. Balls,
I hope you enjoy your nice, hairless, medium-height, wrestling, Dr. Pepper loving man.
Miss C. The younger

Gina said...

Becky! You are such a stellar teacher. The children of the future are in your hands... ha ha. Love our DP dates...miss you already!

NatureGirl said...

Ok, girls, I know this is a horribly cliche, old auntie thing to say, but...Hunky Uncle and I were just putting some old photos on the computer last night. Tons of you guys just tiny and cute! How dare you grow up! Wrestling after work! Yuck!

Walkers said...

I don't know how you can honestly stand in front of your class and not laugh every time they talk. It must be a teacher thing, cause i know i couldn't do it! I love these stories!

How were the Santa letters?
Any good ones?

*hay* said...

Dear Miss C (Soon to be Mrs. C)
I hope that you can find a good wrestler to marry, that way you can always have a Dr. Pepper after a good work out.
An Innocently Minded Neighbor