Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A little late. don't hate.

Hey people. So I've been pretty neglectful lately. I let my blog pals down. This summer has been wild and crazy. But really I have no excuse. I've had the time. Just not the drive. You know summer, it's hot. All I want to do is lay around and drink Diet Coke. But after several complaints here I am, doing my part. So here goes, it's really not that exciting.

We've been to the cabin a few times this summer. It's one of my favorite places on Earth. If any of you cats want to take a trip, saddle up. It'll change your life. For the first time in a year Cody came out with his family and we had a grand ole time.
All 5 grandkids. This was the best shot we could get. It was chaos.
Henry, Abe, Ruby, Crew, & Noah

Little baby Abe lookin' fine.

Cousin embrace.

Crew is really into this hug. And Hen's hair never let's me down.

Lover of all food.

Classic Noah face.

Now how can you not love this? Yowsa. View from the cabin.

Brother-Sister Love

Ruby digs motorcycles.

Next post... real, real soon.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cabin, ETC....

Well the two ladies and no baby have been leading hectic lives lately, which is ironic because I'm not working this summer and Kate only works part time. Somehow time continues to slip away at a seriously rapid pace, how can winter crawl and summer fly? Jessie Spano said it so beautifully while on the drug of choice....caffeine pills! "No time, there's just never any time." Yes, Jessie I feel you here girl. I have been out of school for exactly one month, and two weeks of that month I've spent at the cabin. So here's the cabin update. Let's just say I've been getting some serious R&R in. Who needs a spa when you've got Ashton, Idaho people?

We got a lot of stuff done like:

We enjoyed nature

Took Kate's school pic. for next year

Let Rrrosa run loose


Went on walks when it wasn't raining

And read more.

We also managed to eat, watch old episodes of Laguna Beach, and do Tae Bo together (even the Mimi)--that Billy Blanks is a Nazi and also quite the fashionista.

The belt is a nice touch I think.

Let's hear it for cabin 09!

(These only pics from cabin trip 1, Kate your job is to add pics for week 2. Holla back girl!)