Thursday, August 16, 2012


So my gal pal Al told me about a certain app that adds its own captions to your pictures. If you download this app I have to warn you most of their captions are foul, like really foul but sometimes they nail it.

I wish I could post some of the other ones, but my mom would slit my throat. See me mom, keeping it classy! You're welcome!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Old photos

I have been scanning photos for my dad this summer. My grandma constantly had a camera in her hand, she didn't want to forget anything and tried to capture as much as she could with her camera. Well, as a result of her mad photog skills there are a zillion pictures scanned and yet to be scanned.

There is something about old photos. I'm not really sure what it is that is so appealing, but for whatever reason I am mesmorized by them. Take a looksy...

 I mean, is this real life? Cutest furrowed brow ever.
 Ocean City, MD Beach Baby Hal. So adorable.
 Pops worked construction on the DC temple.
 Pops on the bike. Gpa holding large dog.
 Hal age 17
 My grandparents eloped to Vegas with some other couples. This is their wedding day.
 Great Grandpa Abe was elected to congress. This was his first trip back to DC, fixing a flat tire.
 Redskins win!
 Beaver high basketball
 Cutest grandpa.
The best of everybody.