Sunday, May 23, 2010

Let the Games Begin.....

It has been an insane month: moving, birthdays galore, trying to finish up the school year, etc... Seriously, it has been wild.  But it will all be over in mere days. I currently have 8 school days left in the year, hallelujah! This school year has almost killed me, it has definitely been my hardest one yet, but I'm alive to tell about it.  What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, right? I'm not sure if I buy into that crap, but it sounds like a nice thing.  I'm just grateful that I haven't blown my top and cursed at anyone in my class, that would not go over well, they think the s word is shut up or stupid and they think the f word is freakin.  Oh the innocence of youth.  I guess this hard year will make the summer that much sweeter, I will definitely enjoy it to the max.  To all of those unfortunate folks who don't get the summer off, we should all coordinate a summer where you quit your jobs or take a paid sabbatical and then we can party like it is 1985.  I think everyone should have summers off, it's the least America could do for its working class!

Bring on the Summer of Becca and year 25 for yours truly!

Unless my student's kill me in the next 8 days then.....Kate you can have my wardrobe and all my food in the fridge and cupboard. Al you can have my Mary-Kate and Ashley magnet (I know you've been coveting that for years) and the white brush, you're welcome. Rrrosa you can have my car and all my diamonds.

Shabbat Shalom!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Month of Births

Kate, Becca and Ally circa 1992

Let's raise a glass to birfdey month! Here's to the best one yet!

Let's also raise a glass to Sharon and her killer sewing skills. What's not to love about matching purple paisley outfits? I LOVED this outfit! Sorry Kate, only big girls get to wear cumberbuns. At least you got a cool purse.
I'll drink to that! 

xoxo, Ally - #1 birthday girl

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Consider it Kicked!

So our mother hates kick in the crotch days and maybe that's why we've taken a sabbatical.  But....the other  day my Relief Society Pres. told me that she likes kick in the crotch days. Sorry Mom but it's time for a little kick right where it counts.


2. Losing to the Lakers

3. Headaches

4. Not getting enough sleep

5. "Good times" "Cool Beans" "Valentimes" "Punkin"

6. That freaky midget bear mascot at the Jazz games

7. Killer Whales

8. Rob and Big not being a TV show anymore

9. Skeezy dudes

10. Heidi Montag wanting size H boobs for "Heidi."