Sunday, October 31, 2010

Answering the most broad question with just 13 words.

The two ladies went to church today like two little Mo Fo's should (Mormon Folks, best misunderstanding of an acronym ever). Well, after we had been dodging the Relief Society presidency for several weeks now, due to our moving out of the ward boundaries, we were finally cornered. The Pres. and one of her counselor's wanted to sit down and "get to know us". After all the pleasantries and small talk, the counselor dropped a nuclear bomb of a question... 

"What are your hopes and dreams?" 



Becca and I both exchanged an uneasy glance. All the while sarcastic comments trickled into my brain as they tend to do like, "Well I always wanted to be in the WNBA. Or ideally, I would like to play baseball professionally, you know, like the first girl to play with the boys. I'd also like to own a yacht, travel the world, and get paid to write about it. Oh, and I would also like to marry a trust fund baby... or a doctor already done with school." 

While I was entertaining myself in my head, I hear Becca answer the hugely ambiguous question in just 13 words. 

"I would really like the Jazz to win the whole thing this year." 


Later, we both agreed that the Jazz winning the championship was top 3 on our list of hopes and dreams. Mine also includes the Cubs breaking their 102 year World Series drought. 


Now, all you twoladies lovers, let me ask you one question: 

"What are YOUR hopes and dreams?"

Friday, October 29, 2010

Blah blah blah

I am blogging at work! Do you know how rare this is? I'm a teacher people, I never have time to blog at work.  It's a teacher work day and I just finished my grades so........

We play on an intramural all girls flag football team (The Rat Finks) in Provo.  Last Tuesday 4 of the rat finks had tickets to Ingrid Michaelson.  Well one of these finks was Kate, the QB and El Capitan, who has never seen Ingrid in concert and was dying to go.  There was a conflict with the concert, we had a rat finks game the same night. LAME. At the last minute Kate (Shredder) sold her ticket and decided the finks needed her more (which is SO true).  If Shredder didn't go who would throw the ball, who would tape the plays to their arm, who would flirt with the refs?  NOBODY! So she played in a BLIZZARD while Ally (Sticky), Michelle (Baby Hands), and I (B-Loaf) enjoyed Ingrid.  Here's to The Shred the brains and talent behind the whole rat finks operation.

And here's to Ingrid for being off the hook.

And here's to the Jazz, will you please pull your heads out!?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Snuggie Talk

About a year ago Kate was in a very strange mood. She was at my house in Sugarhouse and we had two longtime friends over.  It was winter and she was freezing so she found a snuggie and put it on.  The conversation that was had that evening was so bizarre and hilarious we called it snuggie talk.  Kate and I have resurrected snuggie talk.

Let me clarify one thing, the diarrhea talk came from a YOUTUBE VIDEO and for some reason the only thing Scott has taught us how to say in Norwegian is 'I have diarrhea.'

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kicked where it cizounts.....

You know the drill:


2. How our blog currently looks....why can we not figure this out. Does anyone do pro bono blog work?

3. People that only talk about themselves.

4. When I turn my electric toothbrush on before it's in my mouth.

5. When the Jazz games aren't televised.

6. Losing flag football games.

7. How much DP I've been drinking lately.

8. Cleaning up after Rrrosa. Really....picking up your dog's crap? It's fertilizer people, Relax.

Something I don't want to kick:


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What I Like 'Most' About the Opposite Sex....

the wrong ones are always SO persistent.  Blah.....

Luckily Jazz Preseason starts on Thursday, GOD BLESS THE NBA!