Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Inheriting things is bizarre.  I had never inherited anything besides physical and personality traits. Our adorable Grandpa C. passed away in April and my Grandma C. has been declining mentally for about 5 years now. It has been so hard to see them age. They embodied everything a grandparent should be and more. My best memories include my grandparents. I have never felt more love from 2 people. They had the ability to make you feel like you were IT, the best of everybody. I really miss them.

My grandma now lives in Bountiful in an assisted living center. Recently my parents and my aunt and uncle went down to Beaver and St. George to clean out my grandparent's houses. That was a feat in and of itself. These two were depression babies, which means they NEVER threw anything away! After the houses were cleaned out, my mom brought everything that needed to be divided up to Farmington.

It's an odd feeling to be excited about what you inherit and heartbroken to see my Grandma's things out of their proper place. Almost everything has a memory behind it. Someone picked up a wind chime and as soon as we heard that familiar sound of the Beaver door opening we all stopped dead in our tracks. It's amazing the memories that surface when you hear a certain sound. We had to get rid of the chime. Too sad.

After everything was divided, we all sat and stared at what we had inherited...heartbroken. Most things I received belong in a house, which I don't currently have.  For now, the piano and my grandma's china will stay boxed up. I did inherit my great grandmother's wedding ring, which is beautiful and so sentimental.

I would give it all back in a second if I could have my two grandparent's back, preferably at age 66.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Home Videos in Heaven

I hope that when we get to heaven we can SELECTIVELY watch home videos from our past lives.  There are many events that I would love to watch again, they would bring me days of joy and laughter. I don't want to watch the sad, hard, or embarrassing times just the fun and hilarious ones that were never caught on tape such as:

-my mom performing operation hamster drop
-Ally and I getting picked up by the police on our big wheels
-when I mispronounced cajun (cahoon) while trying to order dinner
-my brothers talking Kate into getting a bowl cut
-Mal bombing the Somerset hill on her rollerblades
-the NYC mouse that jumped out of the garbage can directly at my face
-Kate and Seth convincing Sennett to dress up as a homeless boy and stand outside of Albertson's begging for money
-Anna's motorcycle wheely
-my Dad's almost successful attempt to mount one snowmobile on top of another
-Mal riding the snowmobiles on top of the pine trees (it was really quite remarkable)
-my allergic reaction date
-my junior jazz experience
-SB getting punted in the back of the head with a football
-my little boy student crying because his brother called him a lesbian when he really isn't one
-when my mom told me I did a half ass job cleaning my grandparents bathroom
-my niece Ruby telling Kate that she has a big bum
-Daniel chaffing after splash mountain and asking Ally and I if we had talcom powder in our purses
-Daniel throwing his cell phone over the roof of the car while driving up 2100 south
-Kate and I clipping Werty's whiskers because we thought they had grown out too long
-skiiing with the Williams' at Powder Mountain
-tubing behind the snowmobile mishaps
-Kate, Cassie, and I whooping 3 boys at whiffle ball
-Kate getting bit by a horse in the boob
-Ronnie taking a dump in the Solomon's yard to get them back for peeing on our sledding hill
-the last day of our ski lessons at Snow Basin (Kate and I ejected this annoying girl out of her skies)
-Kate mooning out of the car window in Jr. High
-my grandma doing an oral report on Chaos (pronounced Chay-ose) the "leader" of Mexico when really she just misread the word chaos
-the little boy in my class putting up his two middle fingers when Simon said put up your pointer fingers
-Ally on our booze cruise, totally sober and sooo into the tranny
-Cody getting in trouble for pantsing Kindergarten girls..... when he was 6
-Ally lying to the ferris wheel operator for me. She told him I threw up when I really peed my pants, because she knew I was so embarrassed.
-the first time we heard Philip sing
-my dad giving a complete stranger a wedgie in a gas station

Am I missing any?

Always Yours,
A summer lady with no baby

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summertime Bliss....

Well ladies and gent (there is probably one man who reads this blog, right?) we have made it to June! June is monumental for a school teacher because it is the conclusion of another school year. Last year I was crazy about my class and sad to see them go because I looked forward to seeing them everyday. This year I felt a mixture of emotions, mostly excitement and relief because it definitely wasn't my easiest class. The years go in cycles, one great year followed by a rough year or two.  The great thing about this year was that I had a sporty class, which I loved. The homies even threw me a surprise Jazz birthday party. The amount of Jazz talk in room 116 this year was unprecedented. I loved every minute of it! Even the non sporty girls stayed involved in discussions, bonding us as a class. Everyone knew that we root for the Jazz, and when they lose we're sad, and when they win we're thrilled! I will miss our sports discussions. I will also miss the appreciation I felt from the parents. It's a rare thing to feel very appreciated for what you do. You definitely don't go into teaching for the recognition. This year the parents were off the hook! So appreciative of my work with their kids, which makes my job feel so rewarding and worthwhile.

*If you are a parent of a school aged child and you want your family to have a great reputation in the school, this is an excellent way to go about it. The faculty will be fighting over who gets your child in their class. It's also a sure way to boost your child's grades and popularity....just something to think about!

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Today is officially my first day of summer, let the games begin!