Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm in Love: Part II

If you're a Jazz fan chances are you have something similar to the apparel shown in the picture below. Pretty nice collection, right? If that's not money well spent, I don't know what is. But guess what? It's still not cutting it. It's nice to have a classic Jazz shirt to sport to the games or around town. But all it says about you is that you're a Jazz fan. What if I want to say more than just, "Hey, I'm a Jazz fan and I like Paul Millsap." I'm a Jazz fan with more on my mind than just, "Go Jazz". I may have something to say about Devin Harris and how I want to verbally berate him for his less than mediocre play this season. Or how Raja Bell is supposed to be our shooting guard, yet he can't seem to make a shot. I want to express myself regarding the team I love.

Well my friends, as I mentioned last week, we've been working on a little project. Check back early next week to see what we've got for all you Jazz lovers. We're only printing a limited number so make sure you snag your favorite before they run out.

As always, Go Jazz! Love, twoladiesandnobaby (Becca & Kate)

Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm In Love...

"I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!"

Something you may not know about me is that I'm very loyal. Something else you may not know about me is that I'm an avid sports fan. Combine the two and what do you get? Complete and utter misery, for the most part anyway. Why? Well, because I'm a Utah Jazz fan. 

"You're in a small market." Yeah, I know. "No superstars want to play there." Uh huh. "You'll never win a championship." What the %$#*!@#??!?!?!?! (and this is when I verbally abuse whoever is talking)

Do we always win? No. But we have tons of heart and are scrappy as hell.  I'd rather cheer for a team like that than say, the Heat or Lakers, any day. They don't have heart, all they have is cash $. And last time I checked, money don't buy love. 

Why would we ever watch sports if we always knew who was going to win? Ever heard of underdogs? Ever heard of comebacks? That's what we as sports fans live for! And guess what else? When we finally do win the whole thang, it's going to be that much sweeter. Because I'm not a fair weather fan! Rain or shine, I'll be there cheering for my homeboys.

Because I'm a loyal and loving Jazz fan I'm going to do all you other fans a solid and let you in on a little secret. I've been working on several T-shirt designs featuring the awesomeness that is the Jazz. 

I am a Jazz fan. Stay tuned for the official T-shirt launch. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. 


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mr. Steinbrenner

Ice skating with this guy is a treat!

Our dad never looks at our blog. So you can imagine our surprise when he mentioned a certain blog post, over our Christmas holiday. His response was this, "It's a shame you two won't be going to any more Jazz games." Obviously the man knows how to get his point across. The rest of you people who were lucky enough to appear in 'Look At You For Ugly,' will not get an apology. Instead, you will get a you're welcome.

Reasons to Love Hal Murdock Christensen:

1. He has no shame. This guy has been known to dress up for movie premieres. To our knowledge he has dressed up for Dances with Wolves (as an Indian complete with animal skins and headdress) and Zorro (complete with mask and swords and his two little Zorros, Seth and Sennett). He will also sing songs in restaurants. The guy never gets embarrassed. 

2. He made our backyard into a luge course in the winters. One year he even strung lights so we could sled down our course in the dark. 

3. He ran into a road sign with his car and just kept driving.

4.  He is the owner/sponsor of our flag football team. He helped lead us to an intramural championship for sobbing out loud. Just call him Mr. Steinbrenner.

5. He once went to the grocery store with our pet parakeet on his shoulder.

6. He isn't a fair weather fan. His teams are not good: Washington Redskins, The Jazz, The Washington Senators (hello, they don't even exist anymore).

7. He built us a clubhouse.

8. He is a lot like Clark W. Griswold. Sometimes we find him in the attic watching home movies on a projector with a mink around his shoulders.

9. He thinks John Adams was a prima donna.

10. He gave a wedgie to a stranger (a grown man) at a gas station. He thought it was our neighbor. And it wasn't.

Clearly, he's the best dad!
Gooooo JAZZ!!!