Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ode to a Celia

So we are totally redeeming ourselves like 8 months later, sorry Cel but here's your surprise birthday shout out that you so faithfully did for us and we failed to do for you. 30 reasons we love Celia (Scott's wife-our sister in law). *Cel, I'm sorry about these pics but honestly I didn't have very many pics of you. WTF!

1. She adopted a whale named either Onyx or Tica-there is still some confusion there.

2. She can karaoke Sin Wagon by the Dixie Chicks like no one else.

3. She makes delicious peanut butter bars.

4. She was a lip slut in college.

5. Her high school clique was called the Freak Shows.

6. Her favorite song to skate to at Classic Skating was Enter Sandman by Metallica.

7. In 6th grade she was President of Farmington Elementary.

8. Her middle name is Lorraine.

9. She taught us how to say "I have diarrhea" in Portuguese.

10. She needs a Diet Coke everyday like the rest of the Christensen family.

11. She has good hair.

12. She helped Scott out of his grimy stage-the world thanks you for that Cel.

13. She's a shmoozer. On the cruise our waiter, Francisco, would serenade "the whole table" but really he would just be looking at Celia. She knew his life story by the end of the first night.

14. She blew up a T.V. and tried to deny it to her parents.

15. She's nice to everyone even the crazy people, who interestingly enough, approach her often.

16. She teaches her kids to do funny things like scary fingers and crazy eyes.

17. She can quote weird movies like Dennis the Menace and Home Alone.

18. She can eat a whole jar of pickles.

19. She's a good sleeper.

20. Kate ran into one of her Elementary school classmates, Marty Cluff, and he asked Kate if Celia was her mom. Celia replied loudly with, "Marty, please!"

21. She's a fast and efficient driver.

22. She's fun to talk to and she gives good advice.

23. She makes everyone feel welcome.

24. She went on the river trip (river rafting) when she was 7 months pregnant with Henry.

25. She's a good writer.

26. She remembers weird things like our childhood pony's name--Duchess.

27. Her favorite movie is Free Willie

28. Her favorite T.V. show is Felicity.

29. She has little brows to even out Scott's meaty ones. Ruby and Hen are grateful I'm sure.

30. She can rap to Eminem.


becca said...

hey i know marty cluff.

Cody and Nikell said...

I don't have to have a Diet Coke everyday!
and I know Marty Cluff

Celia and Scott said...

Oh my two favorite ladies with no baby! How thoughtful! Here are my thoughts on the matter:

Humpback Whale Adoption? I wish you guys would get over your jealousy already. Maybe one day I'll lend you the HUGE poster I have of Onyx/Tica's tail.

Lip slut? I WOULD enthusiastically proclaim the words of Elle Woods, "I ojbect!" but it turns out that it's true.

Rollerblading to Enter Sandman? Don't knock it 'til you try it. Seriously, it was bitchin'.

I do believe LoRaine is spelled with only one R. I would be hurt you didn't know that if I wasn't already so emotionally traumatized by having the dreadful name.

Shmoozers Rule! (Oh Francisco, bring us another round of sourdough rolls already!)

Student Body Pres. of Farm. Elementary? Ah, the glory days. Go Roadrunners! (Is it sad that I'm like Uncle Rico and want to go back to the glory days, except even worse, my glory days were when I was 11?)

River rafting while 7 mo. pregnant? You forgot to mention that I ROWED the ENTIRE TOP SECTION whilst being large and in charge (even without a life jacket - naturally I couldn't row with the extra bulk over my already bulky belly).

One last thing, Free Willie? What the??? I don't remember ever having that conversation!

Celia and Scott said...

Reason #31 that you love me (this can be next year's tribute to me):

I talk more than anybody you know.

Exhibit A: my last comment.

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Yeah we never had that Free Willie conversation. We just decided it's your favorite cause of the whole whale thing. Ya dig?

Merkley Jiating said...

This is so sweet! Precious!
-Emily Merkley