Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NY Shenanigans

City view from the pier on the Hudson. 
On the roof of the MET lookin' fine.
Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. 
Killer exhibit on the roof of the MET
I almost pushed her in.
Bus ride to DC equals lots of time to take pictures of ourselves
The important thing here is that Maria got the creepy homeless guy in the background in focus and not us. 
The Great Lawn is close to what my heaven would be. Plus or minus a few people.

Met up with my ladies in NY. Rode around the city in a limo. No big deal.
I miss her already. Kellie is off to Switzerland to get her missionary on. BUT I have a great story to tell ya'll. Yesterday, any old Monday afternoon, I decided to go get myself a delicious Diet Coke from the Chevron by Cougar Stadium. (That Chevron in-particular  has a perfect mix of carbonation and syrup). After being harassed by an old man who loved BYU and hated UVU students, I decided to drive up by the temple and the MTC. I drove with my windows down, a cold soda in hand, and John Mayer blaring from my sweet ride, I came upon the big field in front of the temple full of missionaries exercising. Some were playing soccer(lame) others were running(lamer), when I saw this red-shirted person running. I thought to myself, "I recognize that shirt", then I thought, "Hey, that girl runs like Kellie." What are the odds right? It couldn't be her. I couldn't have timed something so perfectly if I tried. Well my blog friends, get ready to have your mind blown. It was her. Sister Christopher. In all of her missionary glory. Running by herself, sans companion, (which means her Comp. may be one of those who can't run... if you catch my drift). I pointed at her with my mouth wide open, unable to say a word, when Sister Christopher's mouth dropped and she immediately shouted, "I can't talk to you! I'm not allowed to talk to you!" I blurted out, "I love you!" She starts blowing kisses. Both of us close to tears simply because of the shock and awe factor. So I just continued on my merry way, listening to my boy John, and sporting a perma-smile all the way home. 

A few things happened in New York. Becca of course covered the majority of them; let me just add a few of my own.
--I shopped very little, which was complete luck considering who my sister is.
--I got to sport sweet $1 sunglasses all over the city, with people constantly giving me jealous looks. 
--I got to eat out for every meal. I love that.
--And last but not least, I fell in love with a city that at one point in my life I had no interest in at all. I'd even consider living there for a time. Not forever. But a time.


Haley said...

UM your story about kellie blew my mind. literally, Awesome.

and NY? don't live there. just take me there sometime, k?

Gramma Deb in the tight pants.

Jota and Corter said...

That is a freaking rad story about Kellie. I'm going to write her this week. I miss her too... I miss you too and you live in the same state as me..weird

Sarah Flint said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. I love NYC! Bec, I love your little kid comments on the side, they are seriously so funny! Are you going to Hafen's wedding? Let me know if you do.