Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Three peas in a pod

The house Daniel is buying us when he is a famous rapper
Friendship Hobos
Taken out by a wave in jeans. Thank goodness for long jacket--avoid chaffing.
Stoked for Indiana Jones
3 peas--some girl told Daniel his shirt looked like her sheets when she was little! Daniel taking one for the team on Splash Mtn

Barking dogs
Urban purchases: Run DMC shirt and Hillary is my Homegirl--hot glasses
Pluto with ladies
Daniel and strangers

Newport Escapade

People: Ally, Becca, Daniel

Places: Newport Coast, Disneyland, Laguna Beach, L.A.


Renting our first car--paying fees because we are under 25

Marriot Suite

Beach--Daniel hating the beach


Taking pictures with strangers

Disneyland--sitting by Daniel as he's FREAKING out on rides

Disneyland Hangover

Shopping--buying random stuff at Urban O.

Jazz Win

Mother's Day Joe's Crab Shack dinner--being told we were the nicest Mormon's our waitress had met that day. Waitress thinking that Daniel was either drunk or high.
*Sidenote:I triple heart the beach. One day I will have a house on the beach. Please, I'm a good girl!!


Two Ladies and No Baby said...

I am saddened and dismayed that I missed this adventure due to work and my desperate attempts in trying to stick it to the man. Is Ally's shirt talking about Hil Clinton? I sure hope not. Becks, I love your Run shirt, it is most excellent. Also, the glasses you bought, super sick, but I kinda like em. Not bad, not bad. Anyway, I'd really like to see some video footage on here if you've got it.

Allyson said...

We got some sweet footage of Daniel trying to scale a wall....
And yes, my shirt is Hillary Clinton. But I plan on sweating a lot when I wear it. And getting it really dirty.