Friday, May 2, 2008

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, I need, I need

As a devout "Two Ladies and no Baby" reader, I failthfully check this blog almost every morning with my regular email/facebook/news check (yes, facebook comes before the news). I love reading it because my two ladies with no baby NEVER let me down. That is, they never let me down when they actually post. Jump On It was fun and I enjoyed looking at all the many, many photos that were taken. But, I need some drama, some gossip, some entertainment, some comic relief. Two ladies, feed me!

A singular female with no offspring,


P.S. This photo has nothing to do with this plea for updated posts. Supposedly it is Jason Castro from AI season 7 with no dreads. I'm still researching its validity.


Two Ladies and No Baby said...

He looks better with dreads I think.

Shauna said...

i am looking and staring at this and sometimes i think its him and other times i think its defenitely not.

i think its defenitely not

Allyson said...

I don't think it is either. His chin isn't pointy enough.

Haley Anne said...

i don't believe it! not castro. i bet all 12 bucks in my wallet it aint castro.

and i agree...if you don't got no baby, ladies, why the crap don't you post more!?