Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Prettiest Prid Prid Turns the Big 2-1

Holla to my girl and May 22nd. Since I've done numerous posts of why I love Kate this birthday post will be soley pictures, ENJOY!

Now I'll drink to that!


Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Wow, these pictures are really...really pretty. I mean, most all of them really show off my beauty. I especially enjoy the one where I'm naked in the hot tub. That's very flattering. Not to mention the tanness of my skin and the flatness of my belly. I looked good from day 1 I'd say. Good thing I care more about character than looks right? ...wait, who am I kidding, I'm all about looks. Hey everybody, come see how good I look!!
-The Birfday Girl

Allyson said...

Geet-Face in a vest....never gets old. Happy Fetchin' Birthday to my growing girl!

auntie libby said...

happy birthday shout out to kate!

ps love your blog! and sorry but i'm a blog stalker. found your sight thru miss much too cool haley anne!

Haley Anne said...

wow kate. you are really in love with doctor pepper. like, quit hiding your relationship, aight? we all know you're gonna end up together, that's why he's in almost every picture with you.
Just cuz you're 21 now doesn't mean we have to ever spend time apart. let's play rockband, like NOW!
-My Birfday was Yesterday Girl

Celia and Scott said...

Sisters! Never have there been such devoted sisters!

Love the pics. Love the post. Love the birfdee girl. Love, me.

Kyle and Ashlee said... can't believe you are of drinking age. It seems like just yesterday you, Seth, and Sennett were wearing tight wet suits and choreographing moves to "The World's Greatest" at Powell. My how the time flies. Just know that I think the world of you and fell in love with you the first time I met you. I was so impressed with your sassy humor. Your humor has always been so contagious. Thanks for making the world so bright!! I love ya girl. Love Ash

Sarah said...

I seriously love those pics. I honestly laughed out loud! Happy birthday last week Kate, and to you tomorrow Boo!! I can't wait to get together when school gets out, I hope you're still planning on it!