Thursday, August 7, 2008

Noah + Barney = Friends Forever

This is Noah, and he is the epitome of adorable. If this boy can't melt your heart there is no hope for you. He is so curious about life and is not the least bit shy about asking people questions. I've slept in Farmington a few times this last week because the Cody Christensen family has been in town. While I was home one night I dreamed that we changed Rrrosa's name (see side panel if you don't know who Rrrosa is) to Barney, I honestly woke up laughing. So, I started calling the little pup Barney. Well, Noah asked why I was calling her Barney and I told her that we changed her name. Immediately Noah started calling her Barney or Barn for short. It's hard to change someone's name overnight so sometimes he catches himself saying, "Come here Rrros, I mean Barn." I need to record his little voice saying this, it is so hilarious. Poor Rrrosa is going to have a little bit of an identity crisis but it will be worth the laughs, sorry Barn.

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Jota & Corter said...

Your nephew is identical to Cody! (or is that a picture of cody when he was little? I'm too lazy to read obviously!)