Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Top 5 Reasons We're Glad We Are Two Ladies AND NO BABY

1. Breast Feeding--getting that little tyke to latch on can be such a bother.

2. Gyno--enough said.

3. Don't have to worry about being a bad example-Soda, Cursing, Music, Reality TV, ETC!

4. Romance(with MEN)-never having to beat the kids off in order to get in a good make out sesh

5. The only nap time we have to schedule around is our own.


Celia and Scott said...

Oh ladies. The world is your oyster while you're young and carefree, isn't it? Seriously, enjoy those Sunday afternoon naps while you still can.

p.s. Loved the breastfeeding bit. It sure does suck in the beginning (to pun intended).

Celia and Scott said...

p.p.s. I love the "Kids are the Shiz Carner." Hilarious.