Monday, October 29, 2007

10 Reasons Why We Heart Daddy Warbucks!

Daddy Hal had a birfday on October 21. We so rudely forgot to mention anything about his birfday on our blog. So we're going to TOTALLY REDEEM OURSELVES with this top 10 list. Enjoy.

10. In any situation with Hal involved, we always have OPTIONS
9. He's not so great with money, so shopping alone with him can be very productive
8. Because of Hal's sweet tooth, we can always count on two things being in the house: Chocolate & Soda
7. Because of Hal's persistance, there is a TV in EVERY room of the house. (Even the garage...Holla)
6. Thanks to Hal's friendly nature, we know every waiter's/waitress'/drive-through person's/woman living in a trailor down by the river's(Lula) life stories.
5. If you put him on a guilt trip about mom buying all the Christmas presents, next year you'll be guaranteed a lot of sporting equipment from Gart Sports. PLUS whatever mom bought. (Thanks for the Tennis raquet, softball bat, and fishing crap dad!)
4. He has no shame in dressing up for movies coming out that he's excited for. Examples: Dances with Wolves-Full headdress, face paint, and animal skins. Zorro-Mask, sword, 2 mini Zorro's accompanying him.
3. He trusts us to drive snowmobiles, motorcycles, and jet ski's at the ripe old age of Baptism.
2. He has lots of rich friends, which can reap many rewards. Example: We're getting a fully-loaded baseball diamond at the cabin-imported grass, sprinkler system, and hopefully rows of corn. (Essentially, Kate's field of dreams)
1. Our house IS A GYMNASIUM!
We love you Dad, and all the fun-filled memories. Keep 'em comin'!


Amy said...

Y'all are hilarious! BFF (blog friends forever!) No one is breaking up Mary-Kate and Ashley! haha! I love your blog! Keep it real!

bec said...

hey becca, saw the blog link on facebook. let's be blog friends.

bec said...

Rich Wood said...

Becca and Ally,

Sweet, I feel like your blog has filled a missing hole in my life.

Shauna said...

i'm here and i'm reading, and dont try and make me stop.

The Stephanator said...

This is Stephanie, wife of Dave speaking. I just came along eavesdropping and realized you and Amy both have blogs! I have a blog but it's a boring recipe blog haha. But I also have a website! And it's sort of cool but not nearly as cool as yours. I sort of forgot how funny you ladies were (how dare me right?) Well anywho I thought I'd poke in and say hello.

Cody and Nikell said...

Okay, so the "woman in the trailer down by the river" is cracking me up! Knick-knack anyone? Does he really dress up for movies? If true, I can't believe I haven't heard about it.