Friday, October 19, 2007

Gay wad Grey's

So we had a party a few weeks ago to ring in the new season of Grey's Anatomy assuming the premier would by DYNAMITE! Party titled: Hella Fun Grey's party (who says hella? Good question). Well, to our dismay Izzy turned into a Veterinarian healing some road kill deer and Meredith and McDreamy were annoying the whole episode giving us no romance. Luckily we had good food, good beverages, and great company (thank you ladies) so it was still hella fun! Well, knowing that Grey's wouldn't let us down two weeks in a row we watched last week and were disappointed again, it's like watching a soap opera nothing ever happens we could probably not watch for three months and we'd still know what was going on. Hello, writers you are getting paid big bucks for this! Well, this week was another disappointment. We thought the fight with Izzy and Calli in the cafeteria over George would be funny or at least entertaining but it wasn't. Plus what's with Alex? I guess we should look on the bright side at least Meredith and McDreamy are giving us a little more love. Plus McSteamy is looking hotter than ever! Wow, that man is hot to trot! Next week better be good. Who are we kidding...or what...we're going to stop watching it? Ya right. Oh the joy of Grey's.


Two Ladies and No Baby said...

I look sick in that picture. But I'm not ashamed. I embrace.

Cody and Nikell said...

Grey's has been very disappointing. The deer? Please!

Adrienne said...

Okay so i hate that I can't tell who is talking when i read your posts or comments!

so today I was having lunch with a bunch of my friends, and someone brought up Two Ladies and No Baby on my blog. Ummmm, so they thought you guys might be lesbians! I laughed out loud at that....i guess the title threw them off. But don't worry, girls, i set the record straight with the facts.....holla!