Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Class Presentations Suck

So for one of my classes we have to give a presentation this Thursday. I know, I know, we're cutting it a little close but my group consists of three married dudes and me. Oh and did I mention they're all deadbeats and super unreliable. Cool. Anyway, I'd seriously appreciate it if all you blog cats would look at this blog one of the guys in my group created and comment on the pictures. You'd really be helping me out. And since this blog brings ya'll so much joy all the time, you could at least do me this one solid. Ya dig? Thanks gang. Here is the blog: http://ineedtomakethislong.blogspot.com 


Allyson said...

I think this photo really compliments the topic of your blog.

Haley Anne said...

you owe me BIG for staring at that blog and making a comment-o.

Shauna said...

i was going to make a comment but i got sidetracked. sorry dude, do you still need me to?