Thursday, June 5, 2008

What I Learned This Year

(Here I am next to my chalkboard, loving my job!)

Wow, I honestly cannot believe that I just taught an entire year of school.  I freakin' did it and I didn't even cry once.  Here officially begins the summer of Becca.
This is what I learned this year:

1. Kids have such innocent good hearts and they will do anything to let you know how much they appreciate you.  Too bad that usually disappears with age.

2. Teachers take the prize for talking.  People in education love to hear themselves talk.  Faculty meeting is like Relief Society only longer and much more pointless.

3. When you are a young teacher and school gets out for the summer parents want you to babysit their kids.

4. Watch out for single Dads.

5.  Don't go out with fellow teacher's children, friends, relatives, etc...

6. P.E. is awesome and playing dodgeball in P.E. is even more awesome (until it got banned).

7. If you are not at least 50lbs. overweight, teachers will think you have an eating disorder. Solution: Don't drink diet soda and don't go to the bathroom directly after eating.

8.  Kids want to know about your personal life and they want you to go swimming with them in the summer.

9.  At this age (7 & 8) boys are much naughtier than girls.

10.  There is never a dull moment and time flies.

11. As a teacher, making sure the students are learning everything is not the most important thing, it's helping them feel safe, loved, and happy with who they are.  This sounds strange but I really feel like this is one of the most important things I learned this year.

12. Patience is a serious virtue and if nothing else, I gained a large amount of patience this year.

13. Kids are hilarious--see side panel of blog.

14. Parent support is HUGE.  Kids need encouragement and support from their parents, otherwise nothing gets turned in or finished.  I don't think kids can reach their full potential without parental support.

15. Kids are not judgmental.

16.  Fire drills=chaos.  I always had at least two students crying during every fire drill.

17. My tolerance for noise has gone way up.

18. Kids love puppets.

19. Kids love to be read to.

20. Teaching is fulfilling, and that is something I've never felt with the other jobs I've had.

21. Summer vacation is much needed.
I love my job, but this summer is going to be AWESOME!  Getting paid to do whatever I want, BRING IT!


Haley Anne said...

sounds like you were not only teacher, but teachee...
how amazing!
you go becca cocoa!
somerset pool anyone?! like EVERYDAY?!

Cassie said...

yay Becca! I am so proud of you. Congrats on finishing your first year! Maybe you can party this summer with some single dads!!!

Megs said...

Dodgeball is banned? What is wrong with the world?!? Oh yeah, and good luck with that "eating disorder".

Rich Wood said...

Becca! Have a great summer

Haley Anne said...