Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Kate don't madder in this family" / Student of the Month

This special note has been saved since 1993, better known as, “The Year of the Martyr”. Kate got a stamp, more specifically a name stamp. This stamp wasn’t just used on special occasions, it was used regularly and was taken to school daily. In her defense, Kate says, “It saved time.” And that is debatable. Obviously, the girl was having a rough day “I probably felt picked on, unnoticed, Cody probably threw me over the couch again, or maybe he looked at me with that dirty mug of his, my friends probably couldn’t come out and play, maybe it was raining, Ronnie probably messed with the Lego setup, Seth was probably breaking his leg on his bike, Becca probably wanted me to play Barbies, it could have been a number of things. The point is, I was feeling a little neglected and I needed my family to know. So how could a scrawny, tie-dye wearin’, bowl cut sportin’, six-year-old girl get her family's attention? Thus entered the name stamp. And I think it worked.”

[Kate don't madder in this family. This family doesen't need me. Sighned Kate]

One ordinary day I was sitting in Mrs. Jorgensen’s 1st grade class diligently working on my studies (or my name stamp), when I looked up to see the principal (Mr. Glad) talking to Mrs. J. I thought nothing of it until they both looked at me and called me over. At first I thought I was in trouble, but then I knew better because I was perfect. Mr. Glad then told me that I had been chosen for student of the month (the most prestigious award Monte Vista Elementary school had to offer). While we were walking to the front office to get my picture taken and to receive a major award, I thought to myself how lucky that I decided to wear my favorite tie-dye shirt that day (after all I only wore it three or four times a week). Another lucky coincidence was that my loving brothers had convinced me to get a bowl cut over the summer. As to not look like such a dude (or Scott’s twin) my mom would curl it under (ensuring that I looked like a pumpkin pie hair-cutted freak) and slap a bow on the top. Man, I knew I looked good! And when I smiled my big gap-toothed smile, I did it with confidence in knowing that I was the best. And this picture proves it.


haley said...

oh hell yah.
thank you for this.

hey kate?
you madder.

Malerie said...

oh i LOOOOOVE this.
i was thinking about giving Oakley that same haircut... what do you think?

This for sure made me laugh, and i think you're great and that you madder too. :)

Ally Cat said...

KC, you're my favorite pumpkin pie hair cutted freak.

kelli knight said...

i remember those days. i had light up la gear tennis shoes. and my mom had yet to know how to handle my fro curly hair. i was always called warrior woman or coined kmart kid in my family because i never matched. awesome. why didn't someone help me?

Anonymous said...

I feel honored to have been born and raised with this scrawny little rat fink! You will always be student of the month in my book!
-B Loaf

Anonymous said...
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Celia and Scott said...

Ha ha!

My favorite part is that you spelled it "SIGHned," as if you've already given up, taking a big fat sigh of defeat as you pen the closing lines of your cry for help.

(p.s. You might want to be adding that "type the word below" filter so you don't get crap like that last Anonymous commenter. Or maybe you like Viagra ads?)

Vanessa said...

Oh my goodness, this is the cutest thing ever! And I love the new look you have for the blog!