Saturday, November 28, 2009

Halloween, Craft Fair Secrets, & Bunco!

Halloween is over and I'm pretty happy about it. I'm more of a Christmas gal. But, this Halloween was pretty darn good {except that I started to get a killer sore throat}. Scott, Cel and the kids were here for the holiday and Hen and Ruby were psyched to get loads of candy to rot their teeth. Abe really didn't know what was going on, but he was as pleasant as always.

The highlight for Becca and I was going to Petsmart that day and picking up a $3 costume for Rrrosa and Tau {Scott's K9}. We tried out a few different costumes on Rrrosa, but knew we found the right one when we were laughing hysterically and creating quite a scene for ourselves in front all the customers in line. {Surprisingly, Petsmart is quite the happenin' place on All-Hallows-Eve}. I think the costume we picked really sums Rrrosa up, ya know, who she is as a dog. Celia picked out a nice costume for Tau and we were on our way.

Rrrosa and the kids obviously couldn't wait to put on their get-ups and hit the neighborhood. Tau, on the other hand, didn't dig his costume idea as much as the others. He wouldn't move an inch or look anybody in the eye, it was awesome.

Rrrosa, our little princess...{HA! If you know Rosa at all, you know this doesn't suit her.}


The Cheerleader and the Monkey

Ahh Abe

Batman and his sidekick {forget Robin} Tau aka Devil

On a different note, Becca found this beauty at a craft fair we went to. What a find, right? Paul Millsap is her favorite Jazz player, so she couldn't pass this up. I came across a beautiful purple, vintage Jazz "Pistol" Pete Maravich shirt that I just had to have. Ah the Christensen girl's going to a craft fair and leaving with Jazz attire, priceless.

This month I was in charge of hosting our monthly Bunco. 12 of us get together every month, eat dinner and play a rousing game of Bunco! If y'all have never played Bunco, you are seriously missing out. I think it gets a bad rep because mostly 87 year old gals play it, but I'm here to tell you this game is for one and all! I'd be happy playing Bunco every month until I'm that 87 year old lady.

This month was especially entertaining because we had a tie for the "most Bunco's" prize. In the past we've just done Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine the winner, but since I was hosting, I wanted to make the tie-breaker, shall we say... interesting. So first we had the two gals play a game of basketball on their knees. After we got a good laugh out of that, we decided a leg wrestle might be fun to watch too. So we made them leg wrestle. In the end, Tiffanie dominated, {she's much stronger than she looks} and took home the "most Bunco's" prize, which was the much coveted Christmas PJ's and the movie Christmas Vacation.

Then, Cortnie introduced us to a game called, "Ninjas"? Yeah, it's just as awesome as it sounds.  Here I am bowing and saying, "Nomaste". I pretty much owned that game. Turns out I have a knack for "Ninja-ing". All those years of practice as a kid, I guess.

Becca won the "high score" prize taking home the beautiful and cozy Santa nightgown and red Christmas socks.

Thanks for another grand night of Bunco ladies! Merry Christmas to all!


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becca is so sexy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Becca! I hope people think I wrote that about myself. It should clarify on our names, becca c. and becca f.
-Becca C.

neil said...

I still don't know what "Bunco" is but dressing up dogs and small children in ridiculous outfits is something I can appreciate.