Saturday, August 24, 2013

"Goodbye my LOVE!"

The sunsets have been unbelievable lately. Am I right?

Well summer is officially over. I'm never ready for summer to end. I have 10 weeks off in the summertime, and it goes by so fast.  10 weeks sounds like a long time, right? Well you wouldn't believe how fast it goes. Greedy  greedy, that's what I am! MORE SUMMER MORE SUMMER. The good news is, I'm crazy about the Fall season so that makes the transition a little bit easier. I even bought a mens cardigan from H&M yesterday and have lived in it ever since, despite the current 80 degree weather. I'm ready to bake, watch You've Got Mail, and sleep with the windows open. This rainy weekend has opened my arms up to Fall, farewell SUMMER!

On a grandmotherly note get a load of this. In the summertime when I have a little more free time I try to visit my grandma every week. She is the best of everybody. This whole blog could be devoted just to her, she has so much personality and spunk. I'm  head over heels crazy about her. The last time I visited her we were talking about Nick, she was full of questions as usual.  She asked if we were getting married in the temple and if Nick was a Mormon. I assured her that we were and that he was. Then I told her that he was from Texas and she said, "Are you telling me that Mormons have made it all the way to Texas?!" I was just about ready to tell her that the church is international now but I didn't want her head to blow off her body. She is perfect, and I'm so proud to be her namesake. There is never a dull moment with her around.

Here's to a new school year and an exciting Fall!


Jeanne Grant said...

WOW Becca - you are deep! I love this kind of communication - I think I am getting to "know" you! Although I am still a little confused on the finger mustache thing - but in a good way :)

Ally Cat said...

"...didn't want her head to blow off her body." Classic.

Also, not to be THAT girl, but summer isn't actually officially over until
September 22. Just sayin'.

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