Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Stretch & Pull

See me, ready to own my soon to be wifehood.

I feel like life is full of ebbs and flows. I've had a good life and I feel like most of it has been flowing and enjoyable. Overtime I've grown and matured, but most of the time it has been so slow that I don't notice it. Occasionally the growing is more consolidated and painful. Experiences happen and it forces you to stretch and grown at a quick pace.

Naturally as my life has changed and I've advanced in my schooling and ventured out on my own it has been uncomfortable and scary. Stretching and pulling is inevitable in these circumstances but it's fairly short lived.  Other times tragedy strikes and it can take years to overcome and feel like you've grown and accepted what has unexpectedly ripped your heart from your chest. That dig your heels in stretch and pull is the worst kind. So difficult to wrap your head around why, and searching for the lesson to be learned and how to handle pain and heartbreak.

As I've dated Nick and we've gotten engaged I've had to stretch and grow and it has been painful and uncomfortable. I was really good at being single, like the best of everybody at being single. I knew that I needed to make a change if I wanted to have a family and progress into a less selfish way of life and I'm so glad I've endured the stretching and pulling over the last year and a half. I'm actually really looking forward to these next few years of growth and progression. I'm going to kill this wife and motherhood business. I'm ready. Bring on a new round of ebbs and flows, this girl is waiting with open arms.


Bobby said...

never stop communicating. Grow and progress together.

Amy said...

this makes me happy!

Ally Cat said...

I love this. And you. Get it girl.

fifa-munzen said...

Wie ich Nick datiert und wir verlobt habe ich hatte zu dehnen und zu wachsen, und es war schmerzhaft und unangenehm. Ich war wirklich gut im Single-Dasein, wie das Beste aus jeder bei Single-Dasein.


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