Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Tag

As I was making the rounds through the blogs today I saw that we had been tagged. Holla, because I was trying hard to think about what our next post would consist of considering we are just a few simple ladies with no babies. I've really had to brainstorm ideas to blog about, thanks to Kate it hasn't been too difficult. Well, Kate and I decided that we would do each other instead of ourselves. So here goes nothing.

6 Things You Probably Don't Know About Kate:

1. She has a million nicknames. I'm not talking two or three I'm talking like 20 or 30. Granted the Christensen Family is known for Nicknames (thanks Dad) but I think Kate takes the cake for the most. Here are a few: Keke, Gat, Gatlyn, Gatskie, Keeklyn, Cookie, K, KK Mommalay, Cinderelly, Katelyn Cinda Marie Gonzolas Ortega Fuentes Christensen, Lady, Priddle, Prid, Sue Sue, etc... You'll realize that most of these aren't even real words and the Spanish words thrown in there are thanks to Hal.

2. She is the Queen of memorizing hilarious movie quotes and dropping them whenever she feels it necessary. Example: as children (lets be honest until we were about 17) we were always making movies, plays, etc... well one day a few neighborhood friends and the two of us decided to recreate Street Smarts (remember that show?) well one of the questions was how did John Denver die? Kate looked directly into the camera and said the only thing she knew about John Denver, "That John Denver's full of shit man." That's right she dropped it right on camera at the ripe age of 12. Immediately her eyes went wide and she said, "turn it off, turn the camera off!" That tape was hidden directly after this incident and is still missing to this day. Holla!

3. She's a dancing queen. Most people don't get to see this side of Kate but she can drop it like it's hot. She loves to dance (as long as the lights are low, there is good music, and close friends or family). What about 80s dancing you ask? That's her specialty!

4. Kate will drop anything and I mean anything for her friends or family. I know you hear that about people all the time, but I think she takes it to a new level. Her priorities lay in family and friends everything else is way down the list. Examples: When I was a senior and Kate was a sophomore we did our fair share of skipping school. I think I was a responsible sluffer while Kate's sluffing was sometimes questionable, but if she found out I was sluffing she was right on board, especially when we headed to SLC to hang out with our sluffing cousins. I would miss substitutes or movies Kate would miss tests and quizes and not think twice as long as we were headed to our house to hang out with Mom or to Salt Lake she would always make it work. Another prime example: the other day I called Kate from Sandy (she lives in Provo) I told her that I had an hour and a half off for lunch and she should come up. She quickly cancelled her previous plans (probably class) and drove the 45 minutes to Sandy. She really will do anything for people she cares about.

5. Kate has a rare and precious talent that she sometimes hides under a bushel. She can make awesome sound affects. She has had a lot of practice growing up with all boys for friends and plastic weapons and cars for toys. Sure I have a great Barbie voice and I can really sound like a crying baby but Kate can make sounds just like grenades being thrown, explosions, and machine guns. It's really amazing.

6. Something that I envy about Kate is she has always known who she is. She has never been ashamed to admit she'd rather watch football than America's Next Top Model, she'd rather play with num chucks than dolls, she'd rather "go sneakin'" than shopping. Sometimes I would lie or pretend that I liked doing something just to impress somebody, not Kate, she will tell you exactly how she feels about something and if you don't like it get lost because she's not going to change for you. She has always been this way and I wish I were more like that.

I heart Gatty


Mike Lau said...

Wow! I really want to hear these sound effects sometime.

Celia and Scott said...

Oh Gatty, I resent the John Denver comment. Johnny D. is my idol.

Cody and Nikell said...

What about Teet for a nickname?


Cody and Nikell said...

I'm heading to Provo and expecting an 80's dancing party the moment I arrive!

Two Ladies and No Baby said...
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Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Cody is a pervert. And Ni Ni, I'll start preparing for our 80's dance party now. Holla! Cel, Johnny D sucks!