Monday, November 26, 2007

EFY 1999: A Season For Courage

In 1999 when Ally and I were at the ripe age of 14 we decided to do what most LDS teenagers do for a week every summer.... go to EFY. We had very high expectations of our week away from home: late nights, freedom to run around as we please, cute boys, and of course everyone's TOP priority at age fourteen to learn more about the gospel. Well, our week went a little bit differently than we expected, EFY was full of rules, nerdy boys, mandatory dances, gross food, and early nights followed by early mornings. By Tuesday we were sitting on our prison cots wishing that we could go home. I distinctly remember Ally saying, "It's only Tuesday and I hate this, how are we going to last until Friday it seems like we've been here for a month and it's only been two days." We were spiritual giants at a very young age! After what seemed like an eternity Thursday finally rolled around and we decided that our EFY experience needed to end right now, Ally called her Mom and somehow convinced her that she needed to pick us up early (keep in mind Ally's the baby in her family and has a very "special" relationship with her Mom!). Soon the Zollinger's red Suburban rolled into the parking lot and I felt like I had never seen such a beautiful sight. We loaded our stuff up and were on our way back to civilization! To everyone's suprise we never ventured back to EFY.

Until a few summer's ago I thought I had gotten nothing out of that long 4 days spent at Rick's College, but I was wrong. It was a Sunday and I was living with Ally in Provo when I stumbled upon my EFY 1999: A Season For Courage CD, I popped it into my CD player knowing it had never been listened to. I don't know what it is about that CD but I fell in love. It stayed in my CD player for months, I listened to it everyday. Yes, at the age of 21 I was listening to EFY everyday of the week and loving every minute of it. Ally and I had opposite schedules that summer so you can imagine my shock when I turned on the CD one day and Ally knew every word to every song, she had been listening to it too. To this day we still listen to that CD often! Now that it's all said and done I'm glad I went to EFY, it was worth it to get that CD if nothing else. Thank you EFY for bringing me so many hours of joy these past few years, I will never forget you and the torture you put me through to get that CD!


Nick said...

bwahhaha. i was only able to listen to efy and mo tab on my mission. hence, i know every word of every efy song from 1997-present.

Two Ladies and No Baby said...
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CHC said...

Hey Cuz,
When I saw this picture I thought it was from when you were 14... hahahaha... oh dear... Anyhoot, keep smiling.

Amy said...

funny story! i could totally see you being like that at efy! just another reason why we love becca!

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Dear Cole, you are a rat fink. Keep smiling!

mia said...

Yeah EFY! I'm grateful that I was a part of the EFY music blaring every Sunday for 8 amazing months! ;)

Adrienne said...

Ok, Becca, this post is hilarious because I HATED EFY too! I thought maybe it was because we could only get into the Rick's one, but you took the words right out of my mouth! The boys were dorks, we locked our counselor out in the mornings in an attempt to sleep in longer, and we were so over holding hands, swaying and singing, "We will be, together, forever someday!" with a room full of hormonal, emotional teenagers! Ugh...I'm glad the CD worked out though, but to this day I still vividly remember how lame EFY was!!

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Thank you Adrienne...we went when the sister's in zion/army of helaman song was HUGE. I remember sitting it a big room singing the song and everyone was crying, ally and I looked at each with blank looks thinking, why is everyone crying, what is the freakin' deal here. We left the next day. Wow, obviously we were the most spiritual people there!
-Girl who left EFY early

Claire said...
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