Thursday, July 10, 2008

19 Reasons I Heart Nigel Storm

May was a crazy month. School had just ended for the summer (boo yeah!), I moved home, started a full-time internship, celebrated several birfdays, including my own 21st (Holla!) and did a little traveling. In the midst of all the chaos, I did something very bad, or shall I say didn't do something... I failed to post a birfday shout out for one of my favorite people of all-time. How dare I?! Haley Anne Larsen, eldest child of Bradley and Suzanne Larsen, Born May 21, 1989, Happy Belated Birfday Post. Here are 19 reasons I keep this lady around.

1. She has been my neighbor for over 15 years and has got this "good neighbor" business down.
2. She doesn't like sports. I love sports, they are my passion, and amazingly it doesn't bother me in the least that she has no affinity for them. You go girl.
3. She's surprising. I love hearing what comes our of her mouth. It never fails to make me laugh.
4. She loves One Tree Hill as much as I do and that is hard.
5. She's a dedicated member of our rock band, Poisoned Water.
6. She's quirky. I love people aren't afraid to be weird. She is weird. I respect that.
7. She'll make fun of you to your face.
8. She calls herself the fat sister and so do I. It's not that we're fat, we're just not stick figs like our annoying sisters. Chubby girls are cute, we get to eat pie. (not that we're chubby)
9. She let me climb up her deck when I was a child...and then jump off after I got up there. How nice.
10. For my birfday she gave me a basket stating: "Everything you need for a One Tree Hill Marathon" complete with shot glasses that light up, Dr Pepper, a blanket and pics of hot Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty. How thoughtful.
11. She's available. A couple weekends ago, I was home alone on a Friday night with nothing to do. At 9 PM I texted her to come and play rock band. The doorbell rang 2 and a half minutes later.
12. She uses curse words at the best times. She doesn't curse that often but when she does she makes it count.
13. She can quote movies like a champion. Also, when I quote movies, she always gets it.
14. She calls in sick to work.
15. She was a weatherman in one of our movies once and she named herself, Nigel Storm, he had an accent. Not just one accent, but many. Nigel would switch from being English to Irish to Australian. Incredible.
16. She participates in our tradition of watching Christmas movies every sunday starting after Thanksgiving. Not only that we get to watch em in her movie theater basement. HOLLA!
17. She doesn't like school. That's a quality I look for in a person.
18. We rule over the cul-de-sac together. There is no power struggle. We are equal leaders, and it works.
19. She let me "borrow" her Razor scooter when I went to college. At my freshman apartment complex, I was known as Scooter Girl. All thanks to Haley's generosity.

Haley, you are the best neighbor I've ever had. Sorry this is so late. I hope all your wildest dreams come true this year. As Lisa Turtle would say: "Keep a rockin'!"


Walkers said...

that was a very powerful list.
She checked me out at Costco, well not hitting on me, you know she was the checker out person.

we talked for a minute.
we remembered each other.
it had been a long time.

Hay said...

when you told me there was a treat for me on your blog i thought maybe i'd been quoted or something cool like that...never did i suspect such a fantastic shout-out! i love this!!!
yoooooooooooooou are awesome. and the best neighbor ever.

i do have one problem with it, however. I was not aware that we had yet named our band, Poisoned Water. I mean, it's a grrreat name, but i was thinking something like, STEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAA. or BBBBBBBBBIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.
But, I'm willing to work under the title of Poisoned Water (does that secretly mean Dr. Pepper?)

I love you neighbor!!!
and i love Mal for remembering me.

Haley Anne

Allyson said...

Favorite neighbor huh? Do the words REDBARN LANE mean nothing to you Caitlyn?????
Happy be-lated birthday "Hay."