Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Secrets of Beaver, UT

Utah has its issues, everyone knows that:

CONSTANT road construction

Hellish winters

Drivers who don't understand the fast and slow lanes


But there are a few redeeming qualities that Utah has:
beautiful mountains

temples everywhere

Dr. Pepper readily available at most restaurants (avoid CPK and Applebees)


THE 24th of JULY

What a great holiday, you get school and work (usually) off and it's basically a repeat of the 4th. Well every year the fam (what's left of it) heads south to a little town called Beaver. Beaver is best known for its award winning water (you think I'm kidding, but I'm not). The grandparents reside here, and because I've been going to Beaver for so long it holds a special place in my heart. Here is what this years Pioneer Day consisted of:

-Early 5K run with cousin Will--don't worry my dad ran into an old friend and tried to pawn me off on one of his children, it was very special.

-Parade, and for the record the parade used to be a lot better whoever is on that committee really needs to pick up the slack.
*One great thing about Beaver is they take cool old buildings and do this to them. And Yes that is gun.

-Elevensies on the porch

-Horse Races:once I won $200.00 at these horse races. AND there was a fist fight between jockey's this year, good for you Beaver.

-Trip to the Junk store resulting in 9 pairs of new sunglasses for a total of $9.00. *Note: My grandma doesn't look this frightening in person, she is not photogenic.

-Picnic dinner in the backyard with relatives.
*Awesome old bike from like 1900 found in the grandparent's garage.

-Rodeo, super redneck by the way (see picture)
*Look at that guy coming up the stairs, he's a looker huh?

-Fireworks: surprisingly Beaver puts on a pretty good show.

A Pretty eventful day in my book.

I'm sure if you went to this little town you probably wouldn't enjoy yourself as much as I do, but that is only because you didn't stop at my grandparent's house and spend some quality time with them; I'm serious, these people are hilarious. Kate and I spent most of the weekend laughing and we don't laugh at lame old people humor. My grandma can say the most hilarious sarcastic things and keep the straightest face, I'm sure she offends people daily. These were my favorite things said this past weekend. "Did you get up early Gran?" (ME) "Ya, I've been up for a few hours."(Gran) "Well, the early bird gets the worm right?" (ME) "I don't want that damn worm." (Gran) Next... Kate noticed Grandma's nylon sock had fallen down so she said, "Hey Gran, your sock fell down." She replied, "Oh hell, we can't have that can we." Last but certainly not least, this is a prime example of why no one should boycott hearing aids when they're old. I can't even remember what we were talking about but my Grandparents were trying to listen in on the conversation and somehow my grandma thought kate said, "I hate Adams." My grandma replied, "You hate John Adams?" My grandpa said, "Why would you hate John Adams?" My dad sarcastically replied with, "oh you know, he was kind of a prima-donna." I assure you our previous conversation had nothing to do with John Adams and his prima-donna ways. Someone really needs to cash in on this, these people would be hilarious to watch in a reality show. I'm talking Run's House caliber, I would watch this show and these 2 are 80+ years old. I am aspiring to be like these two when I am old: completely in love, hilarious, and happy.
The Grandpa
The Grandma

If you ever find yourself in Beaver stop at my grandparent's house and I assure you, you will not be disappointed.


Cassie said...

Oh Reba, this is probably my favorite post yet. We could have a whloe blog devoted to the crap g-ma and g-pa say. One of my favorites, Jack was cutting a steak or something and not doing it very gracefully and grandma says to him, "If you cut like that again I'll beat the hell out of you!" haha. I like the picture of g-ma and hal singing, I'm sure that was a charming performance.

Walkers said...

i do have to say that everytime me and Nate have gone to St. George or Vegas, i always tell him how we never use to drive through Beaver, that we would stop at Wendy's (the only Wendy's with frysauce, unless it's changed) and take our food at eat at your Grandparents. Good ol' Lake Powell trips. Nate just doesn't understand how cool our childhood was. He always looks at me like i'm crazy. But as long as i know it was awesome then that's all that matters.

Celia and Scott said...

I'm sorry we couldn't be there. Mare sure is a riot! We love her.

bunkbuddies said...

The Christensen girls are sportin' some cute short haircuts. Can I come to Beaver next year for the 24th?