Thursday, August 4, 2011

4 years

aug. 4, 2011. today i cheers to my bff. i drank a straight up root beer today in his honor. and it was delicious. i wanted another one. sometimes a good 'ole rb just hits the spot. and today, by no surprise, it did. i had a nice visit at the cemetery. as i was driving home, one of my favorite ingrid michaelson songs, 'far away', came on. i'd listened to the song a million times before but one part really stood out to me this time. it goes... "and i think he's the tops, he's where everything stops, how i love to love him from afar." 

obviously, i'd love to love him close by, but this is the best we can do - right now anyway. but that ingrid line pretty much sums it up for me today - and everyday.

missing my boy. grateful for the memories. proud to be his bff.




Haley said...

ingrid gives so many answers. she's the best.

so is he. keep lovin him, neigh. i believe he's really happy knowing you always will.

Miss C. said...

Kate you're the best of everybody.
-Loaf & Ros