Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bringing Baby Home!

That's right, you read it. This week was monumental for us because we brought Rrrosa to Sugarhouse. We've been parents for the last week. We really just wanted to fit in with all the "dog people" in Sugarhouse. Mostly homosexual dog people but dog people none the less. Ally and I both like dogs and we've debated about getting a dog since we've graduated but I've been against it because I don't want to be one of those people that their dog is their kid. "Oh I can't go I need to go take care of my dog." "Oh can my dog come too?" I refuse to be one of those unmarried...or married people. Well this week sealed the deal for us. I became the disciplinarian and Ally was the spoiling high voice parent. Who knew we would take roles?

This is how it went:
Ally: "Come here baby."
Rrrosa: whining from all the attention she's getting.
Ally: "What do you want girl?"
Rrrosa: whining, whining, whining.
Ally: "Oh baby what's the problem?"
Becca: "Hey Al quit touching her and she'll stop."
Ally: "I just want to love her."
Becca: "Quit loving her for a minute."

So we're not getting a dog but it was fun to have someone greet me when I came home. Thanks Rrrosa for the late night Pillow Talk it was unforgettable.


BMW said...


mia said...

how fun to have rosa there!! Sounds like you two made great parents. :) Maybe Ally should become a dog walker for the neighbors..hehe.

Celia and Scott said...

Oh, I knew those "roles" were there all along. Ally totally has that "high voice" quality to her. Ally was like putty in Rrrosa's tiny, little ... paws.

Vanessa said...

Cute photos!!!!

Richard said...

Wait a minute! You have a dog? Seriously, we are too seperated.