Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Lets talk about something that those from Utah are all too familiar with....road construction. Utah has to get some kind of award for the amount of roads under construction everyday. It really is ridiculous. It is everywhere. I swear the day we moved to Farmington in 1992 Highway 89 went under construction and stayed under construction until the day I moved out in 2003. Oh wait...and it's still under construction except it has moved north a mile or two to I-15. Really, I'm not being sarcastic. In August I moved to Sugarhouse, sure enough I-80 is under construction and is still down to 2 lanes (really more like 1 1/2) and it's January. I'm sure I will have moved by the time I-80 is back to normal. Road construction is so unpredictable it's predictable. I no longer ask myself..."why would there be road construction here?" I now ask, "why wouldn't there be road construction here?" I guess I'm just mad because I hit a killer pot hole on I-80 and lost one of my hubcaps and now my Corolla looks super ghetto. At least I know where my tax dollars are going....those flag people, I hear they make bank. Ya read me?

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neil said...

I guess you finally have an excuse to get those rims you always wanted.