Tuesday, January 29, 2008

You don't know me!

So one of my BFF's tagged "us" so pretty much me (becca) the responsible blogging half of two ladies and no baby. 7 things you don't know about me...get ready for this shiz.

1. I want to marry someone with small eyebrows. Why you ask? Look at mine. Genetically I want balance in my children. (No Sandy Cohen eyebrows for my kids)

2. I have a touch of OCD. Thanks Mom AND Dad. When I was in Junior High I would get so excited for school to start, but I was super obsessive compulsive about it. I wouldn't dare wear my new school clothes before school started (that would ruin everything). I wouldn't even cut the tags off until the night before. I washed my sheets, towels, etc... the night before. I painted my nails. I cleaned my bathroom--sorry sabbath day. I was so obsessive I forced Kate into these OCD before school rituals. She didn't appreciate it as much as I did but at least she was clean for the 1st day. It just made me feel better knowing everything was clean, new, and perfect for the first day of school. Don't worry this got better over time.

3. I'm coordinated. I didn't think that I was very coordinated growing up because Kate was always better at sports. But I was a gymnast so I knew I wasn't completely unforunate in the coordination dept. Then I took a P.E. class for my major at BYU and WOW girls are really uncoordinated. I was the teacher's pet right away because I could do simple tasks like hula hoop, jump rope, throw a ball, and catch things. I called my dad after a few days of this class and thanked him for the coordination gene.

4. I can pogo. One summer my friends and I decided pogo was our calling so we had the "summer of pogo." We jumped on the pogo stick for hours until our knees had bruises from rubbing against the stick. We wore knee pads so we could continue through the pain. I can still pogo like nobody's business. Record...1,000 Bring it.

5. Fear. I am afraid. Ever since Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped I have had this paranoid fear of being taken against my will. For a year after she was taken(I was 17 mind you) I slept with Kate in her double bed. I still get scared if I see a shady looking person anywhere near. I'm sure they're out to get me. I need mace or a taser.

6. I am member of the Green Party. I don't know that much about it but my Mom is a republican and my Dad a democrat and I felt pressure to choose between the two. So I went Green. Holla!

7. Reading. I heart reading but not regular novels a 22-year-old educator should be enjoying. I like "juvenile literature." A few years ago when we were at the cabin during the winter months my sister-in-law Celia ventured into my room and caught a glimpse of a Babysitters Club book. She asked who's it was and I shamefully raised my hand. She laughed and said, "Becca you're 20 why are reading this?" Guess what Cel...sometimes I want to read Babysitter's Club so get off. I still like to break one out now and then just to stay current.

I tag: Ally, Ashley, Kate, Cassie, Rrrosa


Celia and Scott said...

Dear Becca,

I heart this post.

I heard that you are coordinated. And if people don't believe that you are ... well, frick, they should watch you tube!

And most of all, Scott hearts your membership in the Green Party. He's not even that hardcore.

Cels, the one and only

Shauna said...

oh man oh man oh man. Becca i too fear someone taking me against my will. And if you watched yesterdays Oprah you are now just even more afraid, so for your sake i hope you missed it.

Also did you do the exercise that we discussed via blogs?

Rebecca said...

Luckily I didn't see Oprah. It sounds like I was better off not seeing it.

No Shauna I haven't done that exercise via blogs. What is it called again. I know it notifies you when people update right.

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

I"m calling you out. I believe I am the record holder with a whopping 1,000 pogo's. You are stealing all my glory. I'll only believe you when I see with my own eyes, 1,000 pogo's outta you. Do it!

Rebecca said...

Oh I'll do it. Watch your back I'm about ready to steal your glory sucka.
Step off

Allyson said...

Do I smell a pogo-off?