Friday, March 14, 2008

The Babies

I've been thinking lately. I mean really, really thinking. I've been trying to focus on the good things in life these days. Life is so full of crazy ups and downs, and the last seven months have been the 'downest' of my life. I know our blog is usually a bunch of funny, stupid nonsense, but I'm going to switch things up a bit. So back to the good things in life, I'm going to focus on four little souls that make my life 1,000 times better, and pull me out of the darkness when I need it most. Here are a few things that the babies do to make my life better.

Henry, Noah, Ruby & Crew. Even when they're completely out of control and screaming, they still make me smile. 

When Henry somehow gets Becca to let us color all over her face. (Fulfilling a life-long dream)
When Noah looks at me with those big brown eyes.

When Ruby isn't totally stone-faced for a picture with the girls.
When just looking at this boy reminds me that there's still innocence in the world.
When Noah is so excited for Santa to come he can hardly control himself.

And finally, when there is a little boy to hold my hand when I need it the most.

Thank you babies, for making me smile when nothing else can. I love you, Hen, Noah, Ruby, and Crew. 


Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Dear Kate-
I heart the babies!
-Auntie 1

Celia and Scott said...

Kate! You're killing me! The last picture and caption just flung me right over that dreaded precipice of tears -- my nose started twitching and my eyes just started a-runnin'.

Thank YOU for loving our babies as much as we do.


Celia and Scott said...

And you better retract that comment about your blog being a "bunch of funny, stupid nonsense" because I won't have it. I won't, I tell ya! Lately, your blog has been one of the few laugh-out-loud funny things I've read so I love it with my whole heart and soul.

Sharon said...

Kate--I love this post. I feel the same about our babies. Thanks for reminding me and making me more grateful for blessings. Love MOM

Haley Anne said...

I love this post so much. it's so adorable and sweet :)
you go girl.

Cody and Nikell said...

Oh Kate! And these babies adore you I tell you what! I love this post. Four cutest babes ever! I wish they could be there more often to brighten your days. We miss you all everyday!