Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sun, Sin, and Sneakin' In

We're back, and we're not happy about it, but we're pleased to present the highlights of Spring Break 2008.
1. Spring Break almost didn't happen because of an irresponsible semi driver.
2. Grandparent's housekeeper Edna bangin' on the door at 9:00 a.m. when she wasn't scheduled until 10:30.
3. Birth canal slot canyon.  We all felt like we fit through the canyon with much more ease last year. Bummer. Note to self: drink one less Dr. Pepper a week to ensure no serious problems next year.
4. Snuck into our alma mater's softball tourni.  It cost $4.00 to get in, we intentionally left our purses, ID's, and cash in the car and put on our best high school faces.  Ash busted her flip flop on the way in.
5. Snuck into Ambassador Inn's Pool.
6. Went to local burger joint and walked out with four glitter hot.
7. TEXAS ROADHOUSE: where do we begin! Our posse of four ladies met up with childhood friend Ronnie Williams and fiance Angie as well as Anna Bullard.  The sight was perfect Ronnie with 6 ladies out for steaks for his fake birthday Holla Ron.  
The Waitress: Misty, our hyperactive waitress was rubbing up on Kellie and calling her by the name of "Lovey."  She was also using her outside voice all night.  The chaos really began when Ronnie saddled up on his birthday saddle for the restaurant to yell "yee haw," it all went downhill from there. Kate cut into her steak to find it still mooing.  When our waitress came to take the steak back, with plate in hand, she slipped on some water catapulting the plate into the back of Angie's head leaving a large goose egg.   On the way down, Misty hit her head on the back of Ronnie's chair and blacked out.  She was on the ground for a while, some waiters came to help her up and she stumbled to the ladies room where she remained for the rest of the night.   Kate said, "to hell with my steak" and we were out of there.  On the way out, white men at the bar were pretending to be seniors hollering for their senioritas (us) to join them at the bar.  Sorry boys, not tonight.
Spotted: man in the middle of empty parking lot laying motionless on his back.  Cops show up Gang Unit and all.  Man stumbles to his feet, dropping his pants in the meantime.  Then we got a call from Anna, telling us she had just spotted man asleep with his head propped on the parking barrier right next to her car.  Ronnie enlightens the cops on the opposite side of the restaurant dealing with pantless wonder.  Cops proceed to sleeping parking stall man.  Sleeping man is kicked multiple times and when he finally comes to....rolls over.  Before we know it fire engine and paramedics are on the scene.  Right before we leave the madness we see not so chipper Misty in the back of her Mom's car headed to the ER, still unable to move her neck.  Downtown Chicago?? no Northern St. George.
8. Easter Sunday....we wake up to no signs of the bunny.
9. Join the grandparents for a special Easter lunch in Beaver, UT at The Timberline.
10.  Grandma tells Kellie and Ash that they both have beautiful teeth and will make great lovers.
Trip Mascot: Sheckler (aka...fugly stuffed beaver) named after the one and only Ryan Sheckler.
All in all it was a very successful Spring Break: clothes were kept on when necessary, no one is knocked up, and no DUI's.  Bring on Sring Break '09


Allyson said...

Sounds like this was the ultimate Spring Break of all spring Breaks. My only question is, why was everyone so grossed out when drunk man's pants came a tumbling down?

Haley Anne said...

I love how you all read books and pop-culture rich things like US Weekly. and then there's Kate, reading One Tree Hill.
I'm way jealous of your fun trip and i hope it was as fantastically fun as it looks!
PS: Is that really Ronnie? he's a hottie.

Cody and Nikell said...

WOW! One adventure after another. At least there was no criminal activity at the Timberline. Like maybe a shooting....

Vanessa said...

Looks like a ton of fun! I'm soooo jealous! :) Hope all is well with the 2 ladies!
Love ya,