Sunday, March 2, 2008

Growing Up Christensen

For Christmas this last year Kate and I made a DVD for our family. The DVD consisted of pictures of our family/members taken over the past 54 years. It was a lot of work, but totally worth it. Our family loved it when we showed it to them on Christmas Eve. Here are the highlights:

So classic. I have jacked hair, which still happens every morning...sadly, I'm sitting on my blankie, and I'm wearing a night gown. Kate has a slap bracelet on, that I was so jealous of. Kate is also wearing footies and the snap is undone uptop. I don't even need words for this pic. This is me and Kate in a nutshell.

Looks like some kind of dance party complete with costumes. Even the rabbit is breaking it down.

We are big Christmas people. The elves are happy and Santa's hardcore.

I heart this picture. My Grandparents lived in D.C. and the Redskins were doing some major whoopin'. Here are three large supporters.

Cody--looking super hispanic


Scott--the only one with all his clothes on.

Mid-life Crisis: My dad always wanted a pony. Like every kid, right? Well one time my mom was out of town and he went out and bought one. My mom was ticked, who goes out and buys a pony? Well Duchess was her name and boy did she make all his childhood dreams come true.


Shauna said...

i love the cardboard homemade castle in the picture with santa...classic. i made a house for rats (didnt have any rats, nor did i want them) out of cardboard and packaging tape at around age 9

Sharon said...

I love it--expecially the pic of your Dad on Duchess. Most men buy a red sports car but not Hal! Love you MOM

Cody and Nikell said...

Now I know why Cody always says he wants a pony!

Celia and Scott said...

Bec -- hilarious pics. Awesome post.

My favorite of the Redskins parade was how far Scott's pants were pulled up. Beesh!

Seriously, Scott was standing over me reading this and he went into his super high laugh -- he thought it was awesome!

Adrienne said...

Seriously?? You girls and this blog. You really are killing me softly.

There just aren't words to describe how hilarious your wit is.

I love the pic of you two in ahem...nightgowns, crazy hair, and slap bracelets. I mean honestly, what's changed? Hey Becca, if the roads ever clear up come back down to Laguna! :)

Rutter Family said...

Becca and Kate,

Go this link from Scott's blog. I love your site. It is crazy funny!!!! Love these old pics too. Totally how I remember all of you from way back in Boise.

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