Monday, March 10, 2008


Ever since I can remember my family has participated in elevensies.  Elevensies originated from my Grandparents and is seriously one of life's simple pleasures.  Everyday at 11:00 we go out on the porch, or for the working folk, put our feet on our desks and enjoy a festive beverage and peanuts. I double heart elevensies, it provides a much needed pick me up between breakfast and lunch.  I have always vowed never to have soda before eleven o'clock it just seems too early before that.  Well my friends, recess is at 10:15 so I have now started going against everything I previously believed in, caffeine runs through veins early in the school system.

Well I'm a Dr Pepper gal and since I've started teaching I've realized that teachers LOVE soda. As I'm walking down the hall at 7:45 a.m. I hear multiple soda cans popping or in the case of the older generation the in-hand 32 ouncer, the can will no longer suffice for those folks.  I have what I like to call a mild case of the "school teacher addiction."  Recently, I have toyed with the notion of really limiting my D.P. consumption, in the effort to get healthier.  The dilemma is.....will I still fit into my clique at school?  The three other 2nd grade teachers, who I spend significant time with are a variety of Coke and Diet Coke addicts.  Many conversations have been had about our beverages of choice and how much better work is when you have a soda.  Without my D.P. in hand will I still be able to participate in such conversations?  These women are already 20-40 years older than me, this is really one of our only things we have in common.  Soda is our staple should I really consider giving it up?  What if they don't like me as much anymore?  What if they look down on me because I've chosen health over our daily social hour at the soda machine?  Man....peer pressure bites!


Allyson said...

B, think about it. Some of these people weigh 75 pounds more than you. Why? Its the soda. The soda i tell you! Give it up now, before its too late!! You'll still have something in common with them, like...teaching?

Allyson said...

Hey Al-
Don't be a smart aleck. Okay so we drink soda and teach whatever. Believe me you when I say that's all we have in common.

Haley Anne said...

Here's what i have to say?
Health is a trend. it's not real. there is no such thing as it.
like i said, FAD!
So, keep drinking your eightsies, ninesies and tensies, cuz there is nothing like a crisp carbonation burn in the back of your throat to keep those old teachers interesting.

Celia and Scott said...

Becca, forget the clique, forget the insatiable need to "belong," just drink it because ... hey, life's short. And without a good caffeine-loaded, carbonation burn, what's left in life worth living for?

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

I really was enjoying this post, the Elevensies, the Dr Pepper addiction, all things I can relate to. But then I read further, and as I read I became less enthused. Why you may ask? Well, Becca it's simple really, I can't even believe I'm hearing that you're even considering giving up our one true love. Our lifeline! Our escape! Our freakin one thing that gets us through our horribly boring and often depressing lives. Tell me you are joking here! You weigh what, 94 lbs and wear a size 1? Pretty much, if you give up Dr Pepper, I'm going to seriously have to consider smackin you in the head. And then, tempting you with our succulent beverage every chance I get. Think about it!
-A pissed off Kate

Mike Lau said...

Becca I'm with Kate on this one. Why give up the greatest thing on earth. Trust me I've tried multiple times to get off the DP but it just comes right on back into my life. I figured why fight it and I'm a happier man for embracing it.

Amy said...

Crap what would my life have been like in college if I didn't have the Dr. P and french fries runs? Either way you're still you....Dr. Pepper is in your blood though you know!

mia said...

Okay, I guess it's my turn..everyone is probably going to disagree and Kate will be even more mad, but what can I say..this is my job..haha (and if health is a fad..then I won't have one for much longer). I say if you want to be healthier then go for it- reduce the DP, cause you can't talk about it forever w/ the ladies, it could get boring, you'll have to switch it up, so maybe mention to them your goal to cut back and then you'll be helping them and you and the whole world! Doesn't that sound nice? ;)

Sharon said...

Becca--Dr. Oz did say on Ophra that if people would stop drinking soda everyday and eat sensibly that we would not have an obesity problem in our country. I know that's not your problem now but I'm sure it has something to do with how the other teachers look now. I think it's the 32 oz. drinks and the big gulps that are killing us too. Moderation is the key. (Don't I sound like a mother) wait--I am!